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Election’s Most-Coveted Endorsement Is Marginalized

To a pastor who put partisan politics above the needs of his parish ( ):

I am shocked and saddened that you aren’t moved by who former U.S. Comptroller General David W. Walker endorsed for President.

I believe, as a pastor and principal, you care deeply about what will happen to our most vulnerable when our government defaults on its promises.

As an educator and leader, you surely understand what will happen to our most vulnerable when the U.S. dollar loses its reserve currency status and countries no longer need dollars to buy OPEC oil. You understand what will happen when we’re awash in a tsunami of worthless dollars.

We will be Greece, where pensions and aid were cut 70-80% so that many elderly and poor are homeless, are starving, are being preyed upon by criminals and the desperate poor. Many have committed suicide.

I don’t want that for our most vulnerable, and I believe with all my heart that you don’t either.

For more than five years–not just since 2012 as noted in the biased Politico article–former U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker has toured this country, sounding the alarm about our massive debt and educating and empowering us in what we can do about it.

If Walker’s endorsement had made Big News, more Americans would have learned how our current and past two Presidents have been dishonest with us about our massive debt. We would have learned, President Clinton didn’t have a surplus. He added new debt every year, but he hid it: He stopped accruing our entitlement obligations in order to show a surplus.

President Clinton’s dishonesty is why Walker quit certifying the budget in about 1998.

President Bush continued Clinton’s dishonesty as does President Obama, so we have no idea what our entitlement obligations really are.I believe, Walker’s endorsement of Mitt Romney signals that Mitt Romney will get our economy thriving again and get our debt under control.

David Walker’s endorsement of Mitt Romney was critical–not because lots of voters will learn about it (they won’t).It was critical because, if President Obama had gotten Walker’s endorsement, the Democrats and their PR team (i.e., the mainstream media) would be touting: “David Walker’s endorsement is THE MOST IMPORTANT ENDORSEMENT IN THIS ELECTION.”

Walker’s endorsement would have helped President Obama reach some of the fiscally conservative voters who are deeply concerned about our $16.2 trillion debt.Walker’s endorsement should have helped Romney, but it won’t.It won’t help Romney, because the mainstream media have suppressed it or marginalized its importance. For the past 10 years or so, the mainstream media (MSM) and many Democratic Party’s leaders (DPLs) have acted like the 1960s KKK Democrats in marginalizing conservative voices, particularly when they belong women and ethnic minorities who are running for office or who support Mitt Romney.

The MSM and DPLs have worked hard to create the narrative, “the Republican Party is the party of old, white guys.”

To preserve that narrative, the MSM and DPLs have intimidated and demeaned conservative women and ethnic minorities in order to drive them from the Republican Party–similar to how MSM and DPLs have scared naive women into thinking Republicans are all about ending freedom when they’re about protecting everyone’s freedom and securing our country’s and our children’s future.

When intimidation has failed to drive conservative women and ethnic minorities from the Republican Party, they’ve been invalidated or made invisible by the MSM and DPLs.

DPLs–such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid–fail to realize is that they’ve gone too far:  The jig is up; their tactics are known.

But rather than abandoning their despicable tactics, they’ve doubled down.

As a result, they’ve become shrill in their verbal abuse. And they’ve insulted our intelligence with their myriad lies.

Do DPLs really think, Americans are so stupid that we don’t notice how often their statements match one another’s talking points for a day or a week–while contradicting their earlier talking points?

Do they really think, we’re such morons, we don’t know or comprehend the hard facts that expose their fallacious reasoning and outright lies?

We conservative women and ethnic minorities are willing to fight the good fight.We care about our most vulnerable citizens. We understand what will happen to them when our government goes bankrupt and abandons its promises. We love this great country.We will not be intimidated into silence or into abandoning our principles in order to join the “cool but blissfully ignorant group.”

We fiscal conservatives don’t need to  be cool or even liked. We just need to know we’ve done all that we can to save our economy so that our government’s promises are there for the people who count on them most.
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