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Writer/editor/political junkie who is appalled by the arrogance and dishonesty of our leaders.  My wakeup call was hearing a former Treasury Secretary almost 10 years ago talk about how the United States would be the brains while the rest of the world provided the natural resources and labor to make the products we’d thought up.

That was his justification for outsourcing our jobs.

Now we’ve politicians and the intelligentsia, corporations and the rich who tell us that it’s wise to sell off our nonrenewable natural resources and green-energy companies to even nonallies.

They’re not thinking about our future, our safety, our sovereignty.

Some are thinking about their rich buddies and bank accounts.

Others believe, we can have world peace if  every country owns a piece of every other country [i.e., corporations and rich folks are diversified by investing in different businesses in different countries (i.e., they’ve limited their downside risk)].

Supposedly, if we’re all in the same big boat, we’ll be forced to get along.

But not everyone is in that big boat, so maybe they can’t or won’t play by the yachting rules.

Excluded from the big boat are poor folks and much of our shrinking middle class.

Also not in that big boat are the violent extremists who’d rather have power than peace.  (Their version of creative destruction.)

The big boat also can’t have any religions, people of faith, nor God–because atheists won’t play nice with people of faith and different value systems.

So the big boat will contain only corporations and rich atheists who probably are anti-guns, anti-military, and have never been in a war much less a fist fight.

It’s unlikely that they can win the global war against violent extremists.

The odds are zero that they’ll win their war against God.

Meanwhile, we stupid people who “don’t understand how the world really works” can stop giving the malignant narcissists our power and our votes.

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