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Kicked-to-the-curb Patriots, America and Trump fight to win

February 6, 2017

My heart felt like a civil war tonight during the Falcons-Patriot game (see footnote 1).

My baby brother Stevie loved the Atlanta Falcons.

Stevie was murdered at age 25 in 1986, a few years after our only other brother, David, was killed at age 20 in a semi accident.

In today’s America, Stevie would be labeled a racist, because he was white, male and born after a certain year (footnote 2)

Yet today’s America would be wrong:

Stevie is the only person I know who gave his entire Christmas to Ethiopia whose people were starving in 1983-85.

And Stevie, like the rest of our family, chose who he loved based on character rather than economic class, religion, skin color et al.

Despite my love for Stevie who fiercely loved the Falcons, I rooted for the Patriots tonight, because I worried the Falcons would refuse to go to the White House to be congratulated by President Trump.

I chose country over team and even dead brother.

And a part of me believes, Stevie would have rooted for the Patriots tonight, because–like President Trump–Stevie always put America first and tended to root for underdogs.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Father God that the Patriots won (a win that’s unbelievable to those who don’t believe).

When the Patriot’s had only three points to the Falcons’ 21, my husband and many sports experts counted the Patriots out.

But I said to my husband, God hasn’t given up on America.

I believed, a Patriot win would symbolize President Trump’s win, because the owner and quarterback, Robert Kraft and Tom Brady, are friends of Trump’s.  The Patriots would graciously meet with President Trump.

Both Trump and the Patriots were prematurely counted out.

I believe, if the Patriots had lost, the media would have been nasty and turned the loss into a bad omen for the Trump presidency.

Well, the Patriots won. Bigly.

What do you say about that, Trump haters?

Maybe it’s time to give Trump a chance–just as tens of millions of John McCain and Mitt  Romney voters gave President Obama a chance and even prayed for him and pray for him even today.

It’s well past time that everyone in America start acting like Patriots rather than sore losers.

Our lives all depend on a united, strong America.

Footnote 1.  America is in jeopardy:  We’ve millions of Americans who’ve been taught by our “progressive” educators to hate America rather than to be proud of our country.

And we’ve immigrated millions of people who haven’t assimilated and still put their home country before America.

We are $20 trillion in debt and have $150-200 trillion in future entitlement obligations and have immigrated so many people so fast that even our “enlightened” universities now admit more foreign minorities than they do American minorities, because foreigners will pay more in tuition, more than 80% of H-1B visas go to tech workers from India, and rarely does anyone challenge new immigrant business owners who hire all or almost-all workers who share their ethnicity and/or religion.

No one even asks how more than 50% of small business owners are Hispanic/Latinos and 25% are owned by Blacks, and yet whites, Asians and Native Americans own only 23%.

Footnote 2.  Increasingly, just being white is enough for haters to stereotype one as being entitled and racist.



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