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Anti-Trump protesters strengthen anti-Americanism and ISIS

January 22, 2017

Alexander Hamilton et al. said, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

And Americans fell hard for Barack Obama, despite his anti-Americanism.

Until age 10, Barack Obama lived in Indonesia–which hated America for enabling the 1965-66 coup in which one million communists were killed.  I know firsthand the loyalty one feels towards the country of early childhood, even if it’s not the country of birth.

Obama was raised a communist.  And later, he taught critical race theory, which promotes the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution because it was written by slave owners.

But no Americans cared about Obama’s anti-America past, because Democrats wanted to win back the presidency.

And our press, Hollywood elites and most Americans–including myself–longed for the first Black U.S. President (and first female U.S. President).

But Barack Obama had managed NOTHING prior to becoming President.  He was unprepared to be President.

That’s why I could not in good conscience vote for Obama in 2008.  His lack of experience disqualified him.

I believed if I did vote for Obama, I was a racist, because I would be treating him as lesser.

Only a racist or someone who’d bought into the Democrats’ myth of white-entitled America would have voted for someone so woefully unprepared to be President.

And Progressives & Hollywood elites didn’t care about Obama’s anti-other and anti-Other religion:  Islam.

If you believe the Quran is a religion of peace, then you haven’t read the Quran, which bullies non-Muslims into bowing to Islam; otherwise, Islamists will slaughter them.

Islamists teach their followers to lie about their faith in order to lure non-believers into a false sense of safety.  That practice is called “taqiyya” or “taqiya.”

Jesus taught the opposite:  To denounce your faith is to doom yourself after this life.


Jesus taught, love Father God, love people, help others and forgive everyone.

Conversely, the religion so fiercely protected by Obama and Hollywood elites is oppressive if not deadly almost everywhere on the planet.

Islamists oppress women; whip, stone or cut off the hands of thieves; imprison or kill adulterers and gays; and oppress, imprison or slaughter non-Islamists.

Islamists hate the other, the different.  And yet Hollywood and Progressives protect Islamists.

Hollywood and Progressives teach us to embrace Islamists as well as seditionists and treasonous anti-Americans.

Why?  Why would anyone who believes in freedom turn a blind eye to the oppressive, other-hating Islamists?

And why would anti-Trump protesters side with people who hate America?

Anti-Trump protesters are enabling anarchists, nihilists, Islamists and ISIS–who want to destroy the other or the Other in order to fulfill their sociopathic need to kill something, anything, everything.

Foolish protesters don’t seem to realize how close our deeply divided America is to becoming the next Aleppo.

Do the anti-Trump protesters want that?  Do they truly want to turn America into Aleppo?

Or are the majority of protesters ignorant of how dangerous a situation America finds itself post-Bush and Obama–our two worst Presidents in modern U.S. history?

Whatever your sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation et al., please research original sources in order to learn the facts on important issues.

And please learn to think for yourselves.

And never forget:  The U.S.A. is $20 trillion in debt and, pre-Obamacare, had $150-200 trillion in unfunded entitlement obligations.

Most countries don’t care if your country goes bankrupt or you die.

Many countries hate you for something done to them decades or hundreds of years ago.

Unlike America, most countries don’t demean their citizens for being proud of their country.

Unlike America, most countries protect their citizens, jobs, borders.

Please ask yourselves, why weren’t President Obama and Hillary Clinton denounced for paying women less than men?

Ask yourselves, if we live in an “elitist-white” society, then why do Latinos own more than 50% of the small businesses, African-Americans own 25% of the small businesses, and less than 25% of small businesses are owned by Asians, native Americans, and whites combined?

Ask everyone who is white and poor or lower-middle class whether they’re privileged.

They’ll tell you that’s another Democratic Party myth–as is the myth that all people who vote Republican are white, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-government racists.

And why has “cracker” (i.e., a rapist, pedophile, murderer racist according to the film ROSEWOOD) been considered acceptable usage by everyone from politicians to reporters and comedians to  professors and President Obama himself?

Then ask yourself, who are the racists?

Who are the privileged?

And why would anyone encourage anti-Americanism (i.e., national suicide)?
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