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Welcome to the party, pal Hillary

December 9, 2016

“Failed presidential candidate”*  Hillary Clinton suddenly realized that fake news gets U.S. Presidents elected.

Welcome to the party, pal.**

The Left has been using fake information to “educate” its low-information voters*** for years.

Fake news “I can see Russia from my house” helped destroy the reputation of Sarah Palin who, before she became the first female VP GOP nominee, had been the most popular governor in America and the only governor in Alaska’s history to stand up to Big Oil and root out the corruption of Alaska’s good-old-boy system.  See footnote **** for more examples.

Now that you’re at the party, Hillary, let’s clue you in on something else:

Even worse than fake news is having news producers and reporters coordinate with one another in order to bash the GOP candidate and ask gotcha questions–while ignoring every good thing about the candidate–on all network and cable news (sans Fox) .

Even worse than having the press coordinate its attacks against every “not their pick”  candidate is having NBC employees bury the Trump tape for 11 years and have the liberal press disqualify all but two presidential candidates in order to ensure that Hillary and Trump would be the presidential nominees–rather than Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz or . . .

If Hillary and her campaign manager, Robbie Mook, hadn’t called Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables,” then NBC employees’ leaking the Trump tape one month before the election would have given her the win.

But Hillary’s campaign and our esteemed press and even our entertainment industry had a backup plan:  Leak the most horrific thing possible about Trump: label him a child rapist.

For example, Law and Order had a Donald Trump-like character accused of child rape [ see ].

And one week before the election,  CNBC’s Squawk Box anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin repeatedly mentioned on air that Trump had been accused of raping a child.

One day before Election Day, Sorkin took a few seconds to retract the claim and apologize.

When politicians and their campaign and even comedians do low-blows, it’s called “dirty tricks.”

But when our supposed bearers of truth–our press–gets in the gutter, it’s called corruption.

I believe, Father God gave us a miracle: ensured that the Democrats’ manipulated choice for the GOP won–despite the billions of dollars of crime-victim-fine money that the Obama government had funneled to the pro-Democratic Party activist, get-out-the-vote groups since 2009, despite so many states corrupting our election process by not requiring ID to vote, and despite the years of good citizens reporting that Democratic Party activists had registered people to vote–without requiring ID–and had even registered illegal immigrants to vote and yet no one at the voter registrar’s offices cared, so our media can report that there’s zero proof of widespread voter fraud.  The press helps out by not widely reporting voter fraud.

Drain the swamp?

Let’s start with ensuring that every voter is an American citizen.

And let’s drain the swamp of our “esteemed” press, which has continued to relentlessly bash Trump–while now subtly pushing for the Electoral College to elect Hillary and to get Americans to agree to ban the Electoral College.

Press and Democrats might want to consider what will happen when they destroy small-town America and move everyone into the cities in order to create their vision of a “sustainable” America.*****

A dirt-cheap-to-buy middle America is what billionaires, corporations, sovereign wealth funds and foreign governments want for corporate farming, solar and wind farms, mining, fracking et al.

Everyone being in cities will make it far easier for a totalitarian government or foreign invasion to control and kill the citizenry.

In my experience, whenever different factions have the same agenda but for different reasons, us little guys get screwed, and America is irrevocably harmed if not endangered.

*Quid pro quo:  “Failed presidential candidate” is the phrase yellow-journalism NBC News used this week to describe Dr. Ben Carson after President-elect Donald J. Trump nominated him for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

**Quoting protagonist John McClane in the film Die Hard.

***Low-information voters tend to be students and working folks who are too busy to spend a lot of time fact-checking our liberal-biased press and entertainment industry as well as lower-income folks who can’t afford computers, tablets or fancy cell phones much less internet or cell service.

****Presidential nominee John McCain in 2008 was denigrated  by the Obama campaign and the press as dangerously emotionally unstable because of his nearly six years as a POW in Vietnam.

Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was painted by comedians and the press as a mean-spirited, heartless robot by comedians and press which ignored his decades of good works and managerial success.

President George W. Bush was belittled by comedians and the press as a Bible-thumping, unintelligent, racist, good-old-boy.

President Ronald Regan was disparaged by comedians and the press as an ignorant, bigoted actor with dementia.

I don’t need to repeat all the garbage said about Trump while Hillary was lauded by pro-Hillary shows such as Madame Secretary and every sitcom, entertainer, reporter, news anchor and even some of the GOP leadership.

*****Everyone who pushes for sustainability and pro-environment changes are consumption-greed-driven frauds if they ignore that the number one problem with our environment:  an unsustainable 7.3 billion people, which will be 15 billion if we don’t do something now to address this critical issue.

If I were writing a film rather than a blog, I’d say that our greedy politicians and corporate leaders want more and more consumers–until they figure out a plan to be off-planet when a rogue government or terrorists deploy a bunch of neutron bombs to get rid of the masses.  Then the wealthy people will return to Earth and start over.

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