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No one I’ve ever voted for President has ever won until Trump. So cool. Praise FATHER GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 9, 2016

I am a deplorable, according to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. . .

. . . because I voted for the underdog who happened to also be the best candidate on the ballet:  Donald Trump, who’s taken more punches than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history.

HRC’s “deplorables” are America.

We are you.

I am a college graduate who was raised in a military home in which we had friends and neighbors who were of every ethnicity, religion, nationality under the sun.

And yet in HRC’s world, my family is a bunch of deplorables.

My family has served our country in every war since arriving in America in the winter of 1699-1700.

But in HRC’s world, even Gold Star families are deplorables if they voted for Trump.

Military families have been integrated in America since 1949, and I believe that we’ve been good influences in America’s communities in showing neighbors and co-workers from very different backgrounds how we can appreciate our differences and respect and love one another as individuals and as fellow Americans.

My friend-hearts are Mexican-American, Chinese-American and Caucasian females.  I’ve risked jobs I needed in order to stand up for others who weren’t being treated fairly.  I’ve organized protests as a workers rights volunteer, and I’ve protested against bigotry and oppression.

And yet in HRC’s world, I am a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe.

I am a Christian.

Yet in HRC’s world, I am a deplorable.

I am a deplorable, because I refuse to be intimidated into silence.

I refuse to buy into the Democrats’ lists and labels which are more despicable than McCarthyism.

At least McCarthy’s blacklist still allowed entertainers and writers to get a job at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s.

The Democratic Party’s blacklists are meant to not only marginalize and silence opposition but also to prevent deplorables from getting a job or university admission.

The Democrats’ blacklists are meant to isolate, disempower and, if necessary, starve HRC’s deplorables into submission or death.

One shouldn’t be shocked that death is the ultimate goal of the Democratic Party, which uses Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ tactic, which was appropriated by their beloved Saul Alinsky:  Control the masses by repeating the same big lies until the people believe the lies as their own Truth.

Here are some of the Democratic Party’s big lies:

Big lie: If you are a patriot, you are a racist, xenophobic nativist.  Reality: The racists are those whose votes and agendas are based on identity rather than on what will make America stronger. And the nativists are those whose loyalty is to their original home country rather than to their new home country, America.

Big lie: For the past forty years, politicians who love immigrants support destabilizing, massive immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Reality: Politicians exploit immigrants in order to get cheap labor for their big-donor corporations or to expand their voter base (i.e., turn red states blue).

Big lie:  All immigration is good.  Reality:  Right now, 1,000 illegal immigrants cross into America from our southern border every day, and at least 500,000 foreigners overstay their visas every year.  On 9/11, it took only 19 illegal immigrants to murder 2,996 people and forever change our nation, bring our airline industry to its knees, get us into two debt-crippling wars that have cost us more than 5,000 more lives.  Massive immigration, particularly of poor people who need more social services, destabilizes a country.  The risk is even higher if the newer immigrants maintain their loyalty to their former home country and fail to integrate with their new home country’s existing population.

Big lie:  America is anti-immigrant, because most of its citizens want our immigration laws to be enforced and for our borders and visa programs to be more secure.  Reality:  All governments that care about their citizens’ safety, healthcare, education and job opportunities enforce immigration laws–including Mexico and China.

Big lie:  It’s racist to want only the most-talented immigrants.  Reality:  In this global economy, America needs the best talent in order to be competitive.

Big lie: All immigration and immigrants help make America be a better, stronger, richer, more-united nation. Reality:  America’s poor and working class are not better off today as the result of unsustainable, massive immigration.  Out of the top 34 nations, America is 25-30th in reading, math and science; America is deeply divided and bankrupt.

Our “globalization or bust” mentality has led to foreign students being given university admission before Americans, even our minorities.  And it’s also led to the sell off of our critical non-renewables to even foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds against whom U.S. companies cannot possibly compete.

Big lie: Separatism is good, and integration is bad for immigrants and Americans. Reality:  America is deeply indebted, and our government is corrupt.  If Americans don’t unite to put our country before our own needs and agendas, then we will not have a country much less a job, home, family, future.

Big lie: If you are white, you are a racist and unsustainable. If you are over 50 years old and white, you are irrelevant. Reality:  All of those big lies are deplorable and racist–as was comedian Dave Chappelle’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, November 12, 2016.  Ditto for Chappelle’s and Chris Rock’s roles in the first skit that night. Chappelle, Rock and SNL writers apparently haven’t gotten the message that “blacks can’t be racists” is racist, wrong, silly, passé.

Big lie:  The world would be better off without America.  Reality:  The world would be run by Nazis if America hadn’t given away its oil for free to our allies fighting the Nazis. Americans pay many times the cost of medicine and medical instruments in order to reduce the costs for the rest of the world, even richer countries.  Americans have always donated labor, food, water, medicine, money et al. to help those who’ve been harmed by war, terrorism, natural disasters.

Big lie: People of color are oppressed by whites.  Reality:  All of America’s poor and working class are marginalized and exploited by the world’s rich, including our politicians.

Big lie: Whites living today should be blamed and punished for America’s history of slavery and white-based hate groups.  Reality:  Democrats use hate in order to gain power and wealth for themselves and win elections by dividing and controlling their voter bases.  La Raza and New Black Panthers et al.are as racist and hateful as white supremacist groups. A racist group is a racist groups is a racist group.

Big lie: America should be torn down and rebuilt, because of its history of slavery.  Reality: Revolution benefits the power-grabbers–not the people, who will lose everything.

If that last big lie were true, then every country in the world needs to be torn down and put back together.

Ask yourself, why are some leaders teaching only America’s vile history of slavery while excluding all of the good that America has done for the world?

Why do those leaders teach people of color that every wrong they feel is because they’re oppressed–rather than the truth:

We live in a nation that’s been bankrupted by our politicians who’ve promised $150-200 trillion in unfunded entitlements while they acted like Bernie Madoff, spending the money rather than investing it in our future.

Politicians want us to be at one another’s throats, so that they can blame chaos and societal collapse–rather than our blaming politicians–when our country collapses economically and the entitlements are slashed by 90%.

Every lie is meant to oppress and control and divide and exploit Americans and legal immigrants in order for Democrats to gain votes or for politicians to help their big donors exploit cheap labor.

Those big lies were told by Democrats since they first objected to the end of slavery, but the success of those big lies are all Americans’ fault.

We feared we’d be labeled deplorables, so we remained silent while the Left bankrupted and marginalized America and Americans in order intimidate Americans into voting for Democrats.

We allowed the Left to spoon feed that anti-America crap to our children so that the Left can gain money, power, control.

Since its inception and through its creation of the KKK and Jim Crow laws, the Democratic Party has pitted Americans against one another.

The Democratic Party has used its most powerful weapon–hate–against Americans and America.

It is not true.

We believe and have always believed: We all count, or no one counts.

We were poor people who worked side by side with all Americans in our economic class.

Please do not let the multinational government-corporation-media complex pit Americans against each other anymore.



Yes, President Trump’s ICE will enforce our immigration laws and deport the two million illegal-immigrant felons. 


I believe, Americans would be furious if they knew that the Obama government released thousands of illegal-immigrant felons into our communities because they were so bad their own governments refused to take them back.

Those felons are the “rapists and murderers” that Trump talked about early in the election and that our “esteemed” press misled voters about in order to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Those felons robbed thousands, raped more than 700 and murdered more than 200 people who had families and friends who cared about them and want justice but haven’t gotten any.

I pray, President Trump and our Congress figure out a humane immigration plan that benefits Americans and legal immigrants while paving a way for post-Great Recession illegal immigrants to safely return to their home countries.

The illegal immigrants who stuck with America through thick and thin when our economy was on the ropes have shown their loyalty to America and should be given legal status and a path towards earned citizenship.

But anyone who’s entered the U.S.A. illegally after 2008 should be sent packing.

Americans who’re illegal immigrants in Mexico have all of their assets seized, have the families exhorted for more money and receive up to two years in prison.

Every other country on the planet is allowed to enforce its immigration laws.  It’s absurd that we’ve allowed our schools and  universities to become infected with anti-America educators who’ve convinced our young and ignorant that national suicide will be good for them.

I ask you, if the anti-Americans bring America down, where will it be safe for Christians or for any American of any ethnicity?

Simply being American makes you a target for terrorists.

Being Christian has become deadly in many parts of the world.

That’s not my being xenophobic.

That’s reality based on newspaper accounts as well as reports by various world health organizations.

Do the anti-America protesters even know that blacks and Christians are still enslaved in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere?

If we’re to save our country, we need to admit that America is bankrupt.

If your life isn’t great, you can’t get a good job, and you can’t afford college, then welcome to the world that the vast majority of poor whites have lived since America’s inception.

If you think others are getting preferential treatment as has increasingly happened with foreigners being given good jobs and precious college admissions over Americans, even American minorities, then welcome to the world that middle-class whites have lived for at least 40 years.

You can thank Democrats for flooding government money into our healthcare and education systems, making them unaffordable for everyone except America’s and the world’s richest families..

But maybe that was the Democrats’ plan all along.

By keeping us poor and needy, they’ve been able to control us with fear.

We saw HRC and her surrogates use more fear than I’ve ever seen in any presidential election.

They scared us with everything from Nazi gas chambers to nuclear annihilation.

I’ve never heard so much lying.  And I was appalled by the press which affirmed rather than debunked HRC’s fear mongering.

In this election, HRC, her surrogates and our press were the deplorables.

Sadly, we’ve a bunch of brainwashed children and anti-America haters who want to take our system down–rather than help ensure that every American and legal immigrant has great healthcare and education and opportunities for success.

I believe President-elect Trump wants that for all Americans and for legal immigrants.

I believe, President Trump will never do is put your family’s safety and  rights after the world’s.

Trump will protect us all and create a path towards healing our nation.

Trump is not an ideologue.

He is a good man who now has the world on his shoulders.

Trump’s doctrine is, he will always put America first.

I beg everyone who loves America:

Please pray for President Trump, VP Pence, our children’s future and our beloved America.

Re: Police brutality.

It has to do with bad cops and economic status. Period.

When my son was a senior in high school, a bad cop forced a student to walk home two miles in the dark along a dangerous road–even after my son asked to give the kid a ride home.

My son got witnesses to file complaints against that cop, who then harassed my son for months–including making multiple felony stops with him and/or him and his friends lying on the ground spread eagle at gun point.

I was terrified as a parent.

But because we were white, the police and the media didn’t care about what was happening to my son, much less his friends.

A bad cop doesn’t care about race.

A bad cop cares about power and control.

We can save lives if we teach all of our children to follow the commands of police officers.

Tell you children to do whatever is necessary to get home safely.

Afterwards, file a complaint against the police officer if he or she hasn’t been professional.

It may multiple complaints or even take years, but a bad cop will get fired.

I’ve tried to tell Colin Kaepernick this.

Kaepernick and his big megaphone could save lives if he’d help teach our children to follow police commands and, if appropriate, complain later.

Apparently Kaepernick still wants to take a knee–rather than save lives and honor the sacrifices made by those who’ve died for our country.

P.S. Who besides me was censored the night before and the morning of Election Day?

My keyboard wouldn’t work on Twitter nor when I tried to post comments on articles elsewhere; e.g. MSN. (I did a cut and paste job to post on Twitter. Elsewhere, nothing worked.)

We cannot heal as a nation if our government does not allow us to “talk” to one another.

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