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Democrats and biased press pull a Reagan on Trump

November 9, 2016

Hyperbole and hysteria  best describe how the media felt about President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s:

“Reagan’s an actor!”

“He’s been divorced!!!”

“He’s going to crash the economy!!!”

“He’s got dementia!!!!!”

“Our allies think he’s nuts!!!!!!!

“Reagan’s dangerous!  The old coot’s going to start a nuclear war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Back then, such bias from the pro-Democratic press was countered only the National Review–sans FoxNews, talk radio, online media.

The U.S. press didn’t respect Reagan.

But the world did.

The U.S. press worried about Reagan’s “unpredictability” and what he might do next.

But our allies and our enemies knew:   Reagan would always put America first. Period.

Ever since Bill Clinton stepped into the Oval Office in 1993 and the Clintons began selling out America and stealing our antiques and silverware, “put America first” has been twisted into the ugly “the xenophobia of bigots.”

I’m old enough to remember when “putting your country’s interests first” was called “patriotism.”

No one but Trump has been brave enough to risk being labeled a racist and bigot and xenophobe by promising that he will always put America first.

That is The Trump Doctrine: Every decision he makes as President will put America first.

America can no longer afford to have politicians who put America last, because we are running an $800 billion deficit again, have $20 trillion debt and $150-200 trillion in unfunded entitlement obligations (thanks to Bill Clinton’s taking unfunded entitlements off-budget in order to lie and say he had a surplus).

America most certainly cannot afford four or eight years of the unholy alliance of the Clintons, their Wall Street and foreign government donors, the Clinton Foundation, Teneo Holdings et al.

When in history has it been more important to have a U.S. President who will let the whole world know, America is the number one priority?

And who better than Trump will always hit back harder than we got hit?


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