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The only “going green” in the Clintons is money

November 8, 2016

Why are all of the people who caused the Great Recession supporting Hillary Clinton for President?Only Trump is hated by Wall Street bankers and firms that have given him less than $1 million versus $80 million to HRC.

If the Clintons care about the environment–or even LGBTQ and women–why’d they help Saudi  Arabia get a stronghold in U.S. energy?

Did you know, Bill Clinton was the first U.S. President to let the Saudis buy U.S. assets?

And as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton enabled China to now own millions of acres of U.S. green- and fossil-fuel energy.*, **

HRC even paved the way for President Obama and the Democratic-controlled House and Senate to vote for the first time ever to let China buy into U.S. energy  in 2010;  i.e., China’s CNOOC bought Chesapeake shale assets. ; ;

In fact, we can “thank” HRC, her Wall Street buddies and greedy politicians for our energy assets being owned and controlled by everyone  from Qatar to Japan to India, from Saudi Arabia to the Netherlands.

So you think that having the Netherlands and their Saudi partners having such a huge presence in the USA is no big deal?

For decades, the bin Laden family and other Saudis have been big investors in the Netherlands.

I can’t imagine any American wanting to enrich the bin Laden family much less the Saudi government as long as it follows Sharia Law, which oppresses women, mutilates minor criminals,  kills adulterers and LGBTQ.

Yet that’s what we’ve been doing for decades thanks to the Clintons, Bushes and, more recently, Obama.

Just the Saudi company Motiva, which is co-owned by Netherlands’ Royal Dutch Shell, owns three U.S. refineries and owns or leases more than 100 U.S. oil terminuses that hold more than 16 million barrels of dirt-cheap U.S. oil.

Motiva’s website used to brag that Americans couldn’t buy a can of motor oil without it being from the Saudis-Dutch partnership in the USA. [They removed that brag as well as the total number of oil terminuses that they own or lease since I (and hopefully others) started writing about them a couple of years ago.]

Whenever the Saudis, Yemen and Qatar shutdown their refineries for maintenance, the Saudis ship tankers of gasoline to their countries.

So much U.S. energy is foreign-owned that President Obama announced last year his  plan phase in a $10/barrel tax on oil in order to fund green energy projects in the USA.

We’re going to need the $10/barrel tax.

But the problem with the Obama’s plan is that China et al. also have a huge foothold in U.S. green energy.

Right under our government’s nose, China has been creating a monopoly in global energy, buying up energy assets in not only the USA but also Canada, Australia, Great Britain, European Union, Africa, South America et al.

It gets worse.

Seventy U.S. fossil-fuel energy companies filed for bankruptcy in 2015-16–which have been bought up by Wall Street investment firms who have lots of foreign investors, multinational corporations, foreign governments, sovereign wealth funds et al.

Thanks to the nuke treaty HRC pushed for, Iran is pumping and selling 4 million barrels of oil per day, which is helping bankrupt already-struggling U.S. energy companies. It gets worse.

There’s not much the U.S. government can do to stop foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds and foreign companies and Wall Street investment firms with foreign investors from buying up U.S. energy and everything else.

The U.S. government is broke.

We don’t have the money to buy back our energy, minerals and land.

We don’t even have a President who puts America first and is willing to boot out foreign governments and multinational corporations and set up a repayment schedule–as emerging countries have been doing in order to regain their independence.

It gets worse.

The USA and the rest of the world have signed currency-swap agreements with China, so during the next economic collapse, the USA dollar will lose its currency reserve status and be supplanted by the Chinese yuan.

When that happens, it’s game over.

The world will not need U.S. dollars to buy oil.

They’ll be buying our oil in yuan from China.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the only politician in this presidential race who has the business acumen to get our complicated economy and country back on track.

He’s shown that he’s unwilling to shy away from controversy if it’ll bring issues into the forefront that impact our lives or the future of America.

Only Trump has promised to drain the corrupt D.C. swamp.

Only Trump is hated by Wall Street bankers and firms that have given him less than $1 million versus $80 million to HRC.

Only Trump has promised to renegotiate all of our trade agreements and has promised to always put America first.


The root cause of our planet’s decline is overpopulation, yet for almost two decades, our politicians have focused on implementing:

(1) punitive measures, such as carbon credits, that enrich governments, and

(2) new technology that enriches governments and corporations.

Both “solutions” give people the false belief that we can continue to have children. And survive.

Hence, our governments and corporations create more consumers.

But ultimately, they’re reducing quality of life.

If the world’s politicians and corporations actually care about global climate change, our planet and all life forms, they’ll implement creative, humane ways to encourage people to have fewer babies reduce population, enhance lives and save our planet.

If you think another Clinton presidency is going to help the world go green, don’t count on that green being anything except a whole lot of money for miniscule improvement in our environment:  Teneo’s Doug Band’s detailed email outlines Bill Clinton Inc. And  investment firms, foreign governments and corporations et al. have given the Clintons hundreds of millions of dollars–as well as a billion or two or so to their foundation.

No one owns Trump. He has no investments in green or fossil-fuel energy.

He’s not an ideologue.

He’s a pragmatist.

I truly believe, Trump would be the President who’d finally be willing to get world leaders together to address global overpopulation.

We’ve only been waiting for such a President since the 1930s and 1940s when our parents or grandparents or great-grandparents were taught that overpopulation would be a serious issue that could not be ignored forever.

*HRC also enabled Russia to control 20% of U.S. uranium

**HRC’s foreign policies have  disastrous for the Middle East, Northern Africa and the European Union as well as the USA:

–strengthened the trading alliance with the BRICS; i.e., Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and South Korea;

–strengthened the energy and economic alliance between China and Saudi Arabia;

–strengthened the military alliance between China and Russia;

–led to empowering and emboldening Russia which since then has invaded Crimea and Ukraine and is challenging the USA in Syria and Iraq;

–led to the nuke treaty with Iran which already has resulted in ensuring $1.4 billion funding for their terrorist enterprise and multiple intercontinental ballistic missiles so their nukes can reach the USA.

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