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Press bashed Trump, but loves DHS which gave Somali activists tours of Minnesota airport’s security

November 8, 2016

As usual, our “unbiased” press bashed un-PC Donald Trump for promising Minnesotans that his administration would not locate refugees to their communities without their approval. ;

Our PC press failed to even mention our Homeland Security’s (DHS) embarrassing and potentially deadly attempt to address the discrimination complaints made by Somali immigrants and Somali-American activists in Minnesota.

Our DHS gave Somali activists a tour of the most-secure, most-restrictive areas of the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport in December 2014.

When DHS’s tour of the airport’s most-restrictive areas didn’t satisfy the Somali activists, our DHS arranged for a second tour two months later (February 2015).

Four months later (April 2015) six Somalians were arrested for trying to join ISIS. ;

Others weren’t arrested, because they’d already joined ISIS after traveling to the Middle East. Back in 2007, Somali youth from that area were recruited by al Shaba. Some were killed in battle.

Then in December 2015, a former baggage handler at the St Paul-Minnesota International Airport became the tenth Somalian immigrant in Minnesota to be arrested in 2015 on charges related to supporting or trying to join ISIS terrorists in Syria.

The former baggage handler and wannabe-terrorist even bragged that “he could build ‘homemade rockets’ that could reach 2,000 feet, enough to strike a descending plane.”


Did the press know all of that when they bashed Trump?

DHS giving such airport tours to anyone–much less irate activists–is about as dumb as DHS’s accidentally giving citizenship to 1,800 illegal-immigrant felons that they were supposed to deport.

Hopefully, the tours weren’t as dangerous as when DHS made ICE release thousands of illegal alien felons who’d committed thousands of robberies and hundreds of kidnappings, rapes and murders.

DHS had ICE release the felons, because their home countries wouldn’t take them back. (That’s a downside of having activist judges who ignore the U.S. Constitution and base their rulings on precedence and their own biases. It’s how we’ll have Sharia no-go areas as the liberal European Union now has, because precedence has been already set via sanctuary cities and American Indian Nations.)

Most Somalians have shown their gratitude to be immigrants or citizens of the USA by being good workers and neighbors.

Some Somalians have even denounced ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Shabab and their radicalization of Islam.

Some Somali activists have demonstrated against those racist Americans and the U.S. government’s oppression.

I hate oppression, bigotry, racism of any kind, and I’m die for the right of all Americans’ freedom of speech.

At the risk of being labeled an oppressor, bigot, racist because I believe the real oppressors, bigots and racists are those who are shutting down open and free discussion in the USA, I ask:

What is more oppressive, more bigoted, more racist than terrorism for any reason by anyone from anywhere?

How can we as a country keep Americans, legal immigrants and foreign tourists and business travelers safe from radicalized individuals and groups that want to kill us?

Are we Americans being hypocrites in saying we are lovers of individual freedom, yet we turn a blind eye to Islamists: “Legalese” Muslims who follow Sharia Law, which requires faithful Muslims to follow a devout, disciplined lifestyle–oppresses women, kills adulterers, and murders LGBTQ and non-Islamists?

Those are questions that Trump has been asking us to ask ourselves as he’s traveled this country, learning about the issues facing us little guys and gals and our country.

Trump knows it’s us little guys and gals who bear the brunt of government policies run amok.

He knows our government’s policies  have infringed upon our freedoms, hurt our economic lives and our children’s futures, are destroying our education and healthcare systems, and have deeply divided and bankrupted our country.

The only politician in this presidential race who has the guts to address what’s going on at the DHS is Trump, who’s been called every name in the book, including racist, and he hasn’t backed down.

In the meantime, does anyone in our “esteemed” press have the balls to ask President Obama, “What the hell  does DHS think it’s doing?”
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