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Piss-poor press blinded voters; all Great Recession players support HRC

November 8, 2016

I’m stunned that Hillary Clinton’s supporters–especially those who were Berners–don’t seem to know, all of the U.S. leaders who caused the Great Recession support HRC:

from the liberal “give more and more loans to more and more people who can’t afford them” Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelsoi et al.

to the conservative former President George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush who was a VP at Carlyle Group at the time, former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, virtually all of the Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers et al.

Wall Street donated nearly $80 million to HRC and less than $1 million to Trump.

One would think we’ve a biased press that’s failed to do its job in order to ensure government transparency and accountability.

Do voters even know that Bill Clinton was the first President to let the Saudis buy into U.S. energy assets?

Obama and Democratic-led House and Senate voted to let the Chinese government buy U.S. energy assets for the first time ever (CNOOC bought Chesapeake assets in 2010).

HRC as Secretary of State approved the deal, among others.

China now owns millions of acres of U.S.  green-energy and fossil-fuel assets.

Do voters know that over the past eight years, America has been on sale to foreign governments, foreign companies and sovereign wealth funds at a rate never seen in U.S. history–even our non-renewable energy and minerals?

Do voters know Bill Clinton–with former House budget director John Kasich–took future entitlement obligations off-budget in order to show a surplus–enabling Bush and Obama to rack up even more debt?

If CEOs did their budget as our politicians do, the President and Congress would be in prison.

I’m voting for Donald Trump tomorrow, because everyone hates him and will hold him accountable–especially our press.
Trump will fulfill his Contract with America’s Voters and de-corrupt our government and get our economy back on track.  Or we’ll vote him out in 2020 and elect a third-party candidate.

But if we elect HRC, we can forget about ever de-corrupting America.

No one will ever put themselves through what Trump has gone through:  The Clinton Machine and our press fudged, lied and cheated to ensure that Trump appeared to have every wart that HRC and Bill had.

Only today did CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin retract the repeated allegations he made last week that Trump is a child rapist.  The press and SNL reduced Bill’s and HRC’s rape victims and Bill’s sexual harassment victims his “mistresses.” And our press even labeled debunked allegations of Trump’s unwanted passes as “sexual assault.”

The press has been deathly silent on who, how and why NBC  employees buried the Trump tape for 11 years and then leaked it one month before Election Day–defrauding The Apprentice viewers and GOP primary voters.*

The FBI’s security review being closed and reopened and closed again helped HRC play the underdog who’s picked on by Big Bad Corrupt FBI.

More importantly, the FBI helped HRC divert voters’ attention from the most-damning WikiLeaks (e.g., Teneo’s Doug Band’s memo outlining the Clinton’s pay to play scheme; Clinton Foundation paying for Chelsea’s wedding, apartment, living expenses; UBS-related emails revealing  how State Department kept hidden thousands of crooks’ names from being released).

Our press is supposed to be unbiased bearers of truth.

But based on WikiLeaks and personal observations of how our reporters and news anchors have acted for the past three elections, our “esteemed” press has become nothing more than the Democratic Party’s pimps.

No wonder voters know next to nothing about the Clinton Machine and their decades of corruption.

If Trump isn’t elected, we’re all going to experience the Clintons’ corruption up close and personal for the next four years.

I don’t think our deeply indebted, deeply divided country can stand four more years of corrupt Democratic leadership grouping and labeling and pitting Americans against one another–while corrupt politicians and the world’s wealthy sell off and sell out America.

If there’s a creative high-powered lawyer who’ll take a case pro-bono, there are tens of millions of voters and The Apprentice viewers who’d love to file a class action lawsuit against NBC.

In the meantime, I hope, Trump supporters will boycott NBC–especially NBC News–and their sponsors.

One of he best examples during this election of the press helping the HRC campaign give Trump the same warts that HRC had is the Gold Star Khan family.  The media for weeks screamed how Big Bag Donald Trump “viciously attacked” the Gold Star Khan family.

Trump didn’t viciously attack the Khans.

A subdued Trump actually said that Mr. Khan seemed like a “good man,” and he wished him “best of luck.” He did say that Mrs. Khan was very quiet, and he asked if Mrs. Khan was allowed to speak. But he wasn’t judgmental; he simply asked what others had been asking.

The interview was done by Bill Clinton’s former press secretary George Stephanopoulos, so we only know the editing job done on Trump.

But what Trump said about the Khans was benign compared to what HRC said and did to the Benghazi “Gold Star” families whom she . . .

–broke two U.S. laws in her failure to ensure their safety;

–went home before even Ambassador Chris Stevens’ body was found–even though she was in the Situation Room to get the glory for killing Osama bin Laden;

–lied to all Americans and the Benghazi “Gold Star” families about  how their loved ones died;

–labeled the Benghazi “Gold Star” families as delusional liars.

Benghazi would have been a campaign issue if the press hadn’t so diligently exploited the Khan family in order to mitigate HRC’s despicable behavior towards the Benghazi “Gold Star” families.

Voters didn’t learn the hypocrisy of Democrats wanting Wells Fargo’s CEO to be held accountable for his California bank tellers defrauding customers–yet HRC has been held accountable for nothing.

If a CEO or any American–except the Clintons–had done what HRC did as Secretary of State, they would have been charged with involuntary manslaughter for the reckless disregard for the safety of her employees, violation of national security laws, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice and perjury.

Voters didn’t even learn that HRC told Congress that she couldn’t possibly be responsible for the safety of so many employees:  65,000.

During the three debates, no moderator bothered to give HRC even a “cheat-ahead-of-time” question about how she can possibly protect 330 million Americans.





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