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Democrats get out the vote WITH CRIME VICTIMS’ MONEY

November 2, 2016

Democrats not only have the press in their pocket, but since 2009, they’ve gotten billions of dollars that should have gone to crime victims or the U.S. Treasury.

Those billions of dollars explain why Democrats are so great at getting out the vote and getting busloads of voters to the polls.

And those billions explain how Democrats are so successful at getting vote-with-no-ID laws passed in order to “protect” voter rights while “by any means necessary” activists are entrusted to register “eligible” voters.

The Obama government takes money that actually belongs to crime victims or to the U.S. Treasury and gives it to activist groups whose members traditionally vote for Democrats and help get Democrat voters to the polls.

Some of the activist groups even have government employees and/or Democratic operatives on their boards.

During Obama’s presidency, several government agencies are known to have funneled money to activist groups that traditionally help get Democrats elected:

  • HUD (at least tens of millions);
  • DOJ (at least $150 million pre-CFPB);
  • CFPB (>$800 million since 2012) and
  • the Ability One program ($2.3 billion/year) )

The Democrats’ activist groups that have received crime-victims’ money include

  • La Raza; Mutual Housing Association of New York, which is the new version of  Acorn;
  • The Mississippi Center for Justice; People’s Community Action Corp. of St. Louis;
  • National Community Reinvestment Coalition, which is “Washington’s most aggressive lobbyist for the CRA “which encouraged more and more unaffordable loans for people with lower and lower incomes.”

If Hillary Clinton is elected U.S. President, we can forget about ever having a third-party candidate to break up the Blame Game politicians.

Here are just a few of Hillary Clinton’s failures as Secretary of State:

 (1) Hillary Clinton violated two U.S. laws when she failed to provide adequate security for her employees in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012–which should have gotten her fired as Secretary of State and charged with reckless endangerment or involuntary manslaughter by the Department of Justice, based on the executive-accountability guidelines set forth by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA) and Rep. Gregory Meeks (D, NY). ; see 0:35 )v=sOBmn0xU7wY  ; see 1:07 & 2:09
Adding insult to injury, when Hillary testified before Congress in January 2013, she said that she couldn’t be expected to keep track of the safety for all 65,000 State Department employees–even though, by law, that was her responsibility as Secretary of State, and the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi was 1 of only 14 most-dangerous U.S. diplomatic outposts in the world.
(2) Hillary’s private email server, national security breaches, subsequent cover up and obstruction of justice should have put her in prison and made her ineligible to obtain the national security clearance necessary to fulfill the job as U.S. President, based on the executive-accountability guidelines set forth by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Gregory Meeks  in late September 2016 (i.e., she sent classified material on her unsecure, private email server; when Congress issued subpoenas, she had her staff delete emails and had her IT department start deleting all emails older than 60 days). See 4:43 @
(3) Hillary’s short-sighted, reckless judgment helped destabilize the entire Middle East, Northern Africa and Mali, and the European Union (i.e., Hillary convinced President Obama to overthrow of Libya’s President, Muammar Gaddafi, which resulted in Gaddafi’s unsecured weapons being stolen and used to arm terrorists; she supported the overthrow of Syria’s President Bashar al Assad, which has resulted in countless deaths and in a humanitarian crisis that has destabilized several Middle Eastern countries and the entire EU; she helped arm Syrian rebels whose weapons were stolen by al Qaeda and ISIS).
(4) Hillary supported and negotiated the treaty with Iran, which has resulted in the Obama Administration’s returning $1.7 billion to Iran–enough money to buy Iran 17 nukes.  The treaty provides for the return of $150 billion to Iran.

After sanctions were lifted, Iran has been able to sell 3.6 million barrels of oil daily–helping crush U.S. oil companies that were already on the verge of bankruptcy because of the glut of oil and natural gas.

Dozens of U.S. oil companies have gone bankrupt, and millions of acres of fossil-fuel and green-energy assets in America have been bought by sovereign wealth funds via U.S. hedge funds, foreign government-owned companies and their partners.

The oil glut and resulting cheap energy have also stressed and further destabilized Middle Eastern countries with economies that are heavily dependent on oil..

(5) Hillary and Bill Clinton used her State Department clout and employees to turn the Clinton Foundation into a multibillion-dollar charity funded by the world’s elite that expect quid pro quo, and funded by foreign governments that are hostile to women and deadly to GLBTQ.

(6) Hillary’s incompetent oversight of the State Department allowed her employees and Bill Clinton to use the clout of the State Department to create one of the most powerful fixers in the world: Teneo Holdings.

(7) Hillary will not hold Wall Street accountable, because her closest advisers are Goldman Sachs alumni, her daughter who used to work for a hedge fund, and her former-Goldman Sachs-employee son-in-law who now co-owns hedge fund Eaglevale Partners which has been repeatedly helped and bailed out by Goldman Sachs managers since Eaglevale’s inception.

(8) Hillary was in the White House Situation Room to get the glory for killing Osama bin Laden, but when her employees in Benghazi were under attack on September 11, 2012, Hillary fled for home in order to give herself plausible deniability and protect her political career.

If Hillary had been in the Situation Room, she could have informed State Department employees–who were telling the Benghazi annex’s U.S. security team of  highly trained former Navy SEALS to stand down and to leave the rescue of her employees up to Libya’s poorly trained militia which had NEVER responded to State Department’s requests for help prior to September 11, 2012.

(9) Hillary will continue the Bush-Clinton plan to redistribute U.S. power and wealth to the world, ultimately enabling corporations via the United Nations to create one global currency and one set of global regulations that will benefit corporate profits and will rule our lives.

Can you afford another President who thinks America should continue to subsidize even rich countries’ healthcare and medicine?

Can your children afford another President who thinks universities should continue raising costs so they can give most of the slots to the world’s elite rather than to America’s brightest?

(10) Hillary has repeatedly labeled the “Gold Star” families of heroes killed in Benghazi as delusional and liars after they revealed that she’d lied to them about how and why their loved ones were killed.

That’s why HRC, her campaign and our dishonest press lied and said that Trump had “viciously attacked” a Gold Star family.

HRC campaign exploited the Mr. and Mrs. Kahizr Khan and used them to set up Trump.
HRC needed voters to believe it was Trump–not her–had slimed a Gold Star family. Preferably on video.
It was a typical Clinton Machine hit job.  A lose-lose situation for Trump.
If Trump had refused to comment on what Mr. Khan said, the HRC campaign would have still accused Trump of attacking the Khans.
Mr. Khan’s DNC speech  viciously attacked Trump: He asked if Trump had even read the U.S. Constitution and said that Trump had “sacrificed nothing and no one.”
If Mr. Kahn had listened to Trump rather than to what the press and negative ads said about Trump, Mr. Kahn would have known that Trump’s putting America’s safety first should not discourage any pro-America immigrants who respect individual freedom the from coming to America legally.
When Bill Clinton’s former press secretary, George Stephanopoulos, asked Trump about
Mr. Khan’s words, a subdued Trump said Mr. Khan was “very emotional,” “a nice guy” and “I wish him the best of luck.”
His wife “had nothing to say,” “maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say . . . she was extremely quiet . . . a lot of people have said that.”
That was Trump’s being un-PC and starting the discussion all Americans should be having:  Is America a stronger, freer country if we allow millions of immigrants from religious sects or anti-American countries that oppress women, kill adulterers and kill LGBTQ?
Since Stephanopoulos was Bill Clinton’s former press secretary, we have no way of knowing what Trump actually said or meant, because the Clinton Machine would have ensured the worse-possible editing job on Trump’s words.
Trump had nothing to do with the death of the Khans’ son, Captain Humayun Kahn.
If the Khan’s wanted to bash someone, it should have been President Bush for getting us into Iraq, and President Obama for losing the peace and wasting U.S. blood and treasure–including the Khan’s son.
Pay to Play
The Clintons, who left the White House “dead broke,” have accumulated at least $300 million for themselves since 2001 as well as billions for their Clinton Foundation and more billions for their wealthy buddies and their buddies’ buddies since 2009.
They’ve accepted money from everyone imaginable.
One example of the Clinton corruption is the unholy alliance between HRC’s State Department, the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, which was founded in 2011 by State Department employees Doug Band and PR expert Deklan Kelly.
Irish-born Kelly was appointed by HRC as special envoy to tax-haven Ireland in 2009.
The envoy position had been empty since Bill was President, but HRC got special permission to appoint Kelly to that post.
While millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs, one of HRC’s priority was to get Kelly to help U.S. companies invest and create good jobs and monitoring programs in tax-have Ireland.
HRC’s plan to “globalize” U.S. wealth and jobs to tax-have Ireland has been a huge success.
Apple, for example, has 6,000 jobs in Ireland and, until outed by the EU, paid a tax rate of less than 1%.
As HRC’s special envoy to Ireland, Kelly took no salary, and he hired several employees that he paid out-of-pocket and who told potential clients that they worked for the State Department when they actually worked for Kelly.
Because Kelly’s employees didn’t work for the State Department, they weren’t obligated to report how many billions of dollars and how many good jobs and mentoring programs that they convinced U.S. corporations to move to Ireland.
While working for the State Department, Kelly and Band established Teneo Holdings. They left in 2011 to run Teneo, which in a few short years has become one of the  most powerful fixers in the world and has an executive team and client list that would make even Goldman Sachs jealous.
I personally hope that the FBI will or is doing an honest investigation to see whether Secretary of State HRC approved the sale or off-shoring of U.S. corporations or U.S. energy and mineral assets to foreign companies, foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds in exchange for political favors or money.
We know that, while HRC was Secretary of State, in 2010, China’s state-owned oil company made its first-ever purchase of U.S. energy assets from Chesapeake Energy.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved and sale as did the Democratic Party-controlled U.S. House and Senate and President Obama approved the sale in 2010.
In 2005, GOP-led U.S. House and Senate blocked China’s purchase of U.S. oil company Unocal for $18.5 B.
In March 2016, Chesapeake Energy’s founder, Aubrey McClendon, died in a bizarre, fiery, single-vehicle crash one day after he’d denied fixing bid prices for oil and natural gas leases in 2007-11.
McClendon denied the charges, and the crash was ruled an accident.
HRC is the first Secretary of State to approve the sale of U.S. energy assets to the Chinese government.
It’s unclear how much of U.S. energy and mineral assets were sold to foreign companies and governments while HRC was Secretaru of State.
But HRC had no qualms about approving the sale of a U.S. uranium mine to Russia, giving Russia 20% control of U.S. uranium.
However. her feelings about Russia seemed to have changed during her presidential run.
Since its first U.S. buy in 2010, China bought millions of acres of U.S. energy assets as well as every kind of company and business imaginable.
However, lawmakers started blocking some of the sales after China’s Angbang bought the Waldorf Astria in NYC in 2015 and then made a bid on the Starwood Hotels in 2016.
Jokes were made that the Chinese would be able to bug and bribe every politican in the world.
Angbang withdrew its bid.


Hillary Clinton’s legacy of corruption and failures goes far beyond what is listed above.

Yet most Democrats and Republicans refuse to hold her accountable.

And our press acts like Hillary’s PR team and focuses on bashing Governor Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein with gotcha questions, because they’ve been “stealing” votes from Hillary.

Our press has helped Hillary’s campaign give Trump every wart that the Clintons have.  If Americans would do their own research, they’d learn that most of what’s been said about Trump has either been exaggerated or is patently false.

We will never have a third-party President and break up the Blame Game corruption if we elect Hillary.




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