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U.S. press elected Hillary in 2015

October 27, 2016

In Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it… It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propagandist

“I can see Russia from my house,” actress Tina Fey, 2008, as VP candidate Sarah Palin who was the only governor in Alaska’s history to stand up to  Big Oil and was the most popular governor in USA until the Democratic Party and late-night comedians destroyed her reputation.

Seventy-five percent of  Americans voted for change during the primaries.

We voted for an outsider who would de-corrupt our federal government and its system of pay to play.

But the change we voted for won’t happen because  our biased press.

Our press has traditionally been Democrats. If Richard Nixon had been a Democrat, Watergate would only be a building, and Nixon wouldn’t have resigned in disgrace..

But the level of coordinated corruption in our press since the 2008 election is unprecedented.

Our press is supposed to be the unbiased bearers of truth.

But our press has become the PR team and most-powerful superPAC of the Democratic Party.

From the moment Hillary Clinton (HRC) announced her candidacy on April 12, 2015, the press chose her as the 45th U.S. President.

The press simply needed to ensure that, during the primaries, the Democrats would pick HRC. And the GOP would pick a beatable candidate.

Got slime? 


Donald Trump.

Hmmm. Heard NBC’s been stting on a tape for 11 years.

The Clintons have a lot of baggage.

Just give their warts to Trump. 

What about Sanders and the fringe parties?

They won’t be a problem.

In fact, no problem has been too big for the anointed Democratic candidates.

Democrats not only have the press in their pocket, but since 2009, they’ve gotten money that should have gone to crime victims or the U.S. Treasury.

The Obama government takes money that actually belongs to the crime victims and the U.S. Treasury and gives it to activist groups whose members traditionally vote for Democrats and help get Democrat voters to the polls.

Some of the activist groups even have government employees and/or Democratic operatives on their boards.

During Obama’s presidency, several government agencies are known to have funneled money to activist groups that traditionally help get Democrats elected:

HUD (at least tens of millions);

DOJ (at least $150 million pre-CFPB);

CFPB (>$800 million since 2012) and

the Ability One program ($2.3 billion/year) )

The Democrats’ activist groups that have received crime-victims’ money include La Raza; Mutual Housing Association of New York, which is the new version of   Acorn; The Mississippi Center for Justice; People’s Community Action Corp. of St. Louis; National Community Reinvestment Coalition, which is “Washington’s most aggressive lobbyist for the CRA, “which encouraged more and more unaffordable loans for people with lower and lower incomes.”

Those billions explain why Democrats are so great at getting out the vote and getting busloads of voters to the polls.  And get vote-with-no-ID laws passed in order to “protect” voter rights while “by any means necessary” activists are entrusted to register “eligible” voters.

But I digress.

The press actually loved the “fringe” political party candidates:  Libertarian Governor Gary Johnson and Green Party Dr. Jill Stein.

Until the polls showed that Johnson and Stein were taking more votes from HRC than from Trump.

After that, the press hated those “false equivalents” and took them down–just as they’d done with Senator Bernie Sanders with the help of two DNC chairs.  officials.

Reporters and anchors did gotcha questions and hit pieces on  Johnson and Stein, while the late-night comedians ridiculed them.

It worked.  Johnson and Stein tanked in the polls while HRC’s numbers went up.

But Trump would not go down.

No problem.

NBC employees just happened to have a 2005 audiotape of their The Apprentice reality star Trump talking raunchy.

They “coincidentally” leaked it on October 7, 2016–less than 48 hours before the second debate and less than one month before the election.

Surely that would clinch the presidency for HRC.

Nope.  Trump refused to drop out, and he survived the second debate.

Most of Trump’s supporters refused to dump him.

His supporters knew, anyone was better than HRC whose decades of corruption would have been viciously and relentlessly reported by our press if she’d been anyone except a Clinton or a Democrat.

Even before the second debate had ended, the press began a non-stop wave of women who reported that Trump:

allegedly had made out with a woman on an airplane 30 years ago;

allegedly pulled a woman into a room and kissed her 10 years ago;

allegedly pushed a woman against a wall and kissed her 10 years ago;

allegedly offered an obscure porn actress $10,000 for sex, and she turned him down to go make porn;

allegedly tried to make out with a former Apprentice contestant in his hotel room a couple years after the show had ended; when she told him to stop, he stopped; and when she told him she wanted to eat, they shared a club sandwich;

allegedly complimented a woman about her legs in the late 1980s, brushed against her breast as he grabbed her arm, asked her in front of  his friends, “Don’t you know who I am?” and then he didn’t even try to  kiss her;

allegedly walked into the dressing room full of Miss Teen USAs and their mothers, chaperones and security, and ogled them.

Oh, wait.  That last one is a lie, according to 15 Miss Teen USAs who said, there’s no way that Trump walked into their dressing room, because there were so many moms, chaperones and security around, everyone would have known about it, and moms and chaperones would have been furious. They said, for the entire two weeks, Trump was nice to them and never acted inappropriately.

Four other women also have come forward and said that the press’ stories about them are lies, because Trump was never inappropriate with them.

If the stories are true–and most already have been debunked–HRC’s press has proven that Trump stops at “no” and has the morals of JFK and RFK.

HRC’s press has also proven that Trump’s morals are better than Ted Kennedy’s and Bill Clinton’s.

Oops. I don’t think HRC’s press meant for us to know about Bill’s rape and sexual harassment victims.

It gets worse. For HRC.

We learned, while HRC was the champion for women and children, HRC had gotten her rapist-client a one-year prison sentence by convincing the court that his 12-year-old rape victim had “asked for it.”

Then HRC’s press went a little crazy over us knowing that..

The HRC Press SuperPAC and Saturday Night Live reduced Bill’s rape and sexual harassment victims to “misstresses.”

And then HRC’s Press SuperPAC elevated Trump’s alleged kissing, touching, but no sex into RAPE again and again and again on every mainstream news program and pseudo-news program.

No man can come back from that.

Or can he?  Trump hasn’t dropped out, and he’s working harder than ever, doing as many as five campaign stops a day while HRC does one.

So that’s the story of how our media elected HRC in 2015–before even one vote had been cast.

But as powerful as the HRC Press SuperPAC is, we don’t have to do what they’ve manipulated us to do.

No one can make us vote for the most-corrupt presidential nominee in U.S. history.

We don’t have to be victims of HRC’s press and the Bush-Clinton Machine.

We can do what HRC’s press has refused to do:   Give Trump’s ideas for America a fair review.

Take a look at his website and his Contract with American Voter: his 100-day action plan to Make America Great Again.

You might like Trump and his ideas as much as his tens of millions of supporters who proudly wear our “basket of deplorables” t-shirts, because we love our country and want even a tarnished outsider to de-corrupt our government, work with our dysfunctional Congress, get our economy back on track, renegotiate fair trade deals, ensure opportunity and safety for all Americans, legal immigrants and visitors, rebuild our military, take care of our veterans, get rid of regulations that are crushing our small businesses; get Dr.Ben Carson to replace Obamacare  with real, affordable healthcare, and build a wall and virtual wall to stop the drugs flowing into our borders and to stop the abuse of immigrants who’re conned by coyotes and others into coming here for good jobs that don’t exist.

We should all be concerned that our mainstream media (MSM) no longer are the unbiased bearers of truth who ensures government transparency and accountability.

We should all be concerned that our MSM-turned-activists are unelected officials who use their power to control opinion and behavior by underreporting, over-reporting or omitting information and events.

For the past three presidential elections, our media–rather than the American people–will have controlled who is elected U.S. President, because they’ve turned news into propaganda in order to control opinion, behavior, action.

Why then should Americans continue this charade of public elections?

Perhaps our “esteemed” MSM should simply report their choice is for President, VP and Congress.

Imagine the billions of dollars that could be redirected from our corrupt elections to improve the lives of Americans and legal immigrants.

If the U.S. Constitution didn’t exist or if I were one of the radical Left who want to throw out that slave-owner-written document and write it anew, I might support such a fiscally conservative plan to get rid of the charade of political elections . . .

. . . if our press hadn’t done such a piss-poor job of directing America’s future.
Our press’ bias and corruption have failed to ensure government transparency and accountability.

Thanks to our press, America has experienced an unprecedented level of corruption in Obama’s government and with little or no accountability; deep social and economic divisions; $20 trillion debt and $150-200 trillion in future, unfunded entitlements; NEA-controlled, overloaded, failing school systems; America’s weakened position in the world; America’s alienation from even its closest allies; Obama-Hillary’s meddling in the Middle East which has created chaos throughout that area as well as Northern Africa and the European Union; etc.

America and the world desperately need an unbiased MSM who are bearers of truth–ugly or beautiful, good or bad, helpful or hurtful.  Truth.

Instead, our declining America, our deeply divided America, our deeply indebted America, our weakened America has a corrupt press that has failed us all.


*For list of Hillary’s failures and Democrats’ hypocrisy, please see my blog posts:

“Democrats label Hillary Clinton as unfit to be U.S. President” for a more-comprehensive list of Clinton’s failures [ ]

“Next U.S. President is unfit to hold any government job” [ ].

**Examples of the corruption in the Obama-Hillary government include

Hillary’s national security breaches, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice and perjury;
Hillary’s violating two U.S. laws (that Bill Clinton had instituted after two embassy bombing in Africa);
FBI corruption (destroyed evidence (Hillary’s) while FOIA lawsuits are still pending; failed to recommend criminal charges against Hillary, despite the unprecedented level of evidence against her);
DOJ corruption (U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch “accidentally” met for almost 40 minutes with Bill Clinton one month before her FBI questioned Hillary–whom they didn’t record or video under oath);
IRS (Lois Lerner et al. targeting conservatives who’d applied for 501c; delaying apps for years, but fast tracked Obama’s former press guy Bill Burton’s Priorities USA Action);
DEA (Fast & Furious whose guns murdered border patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata and others);
EPA et al. (e.g., fake email accounts to coordinate targets against companies, especially non-union ones like Gibson Guitar);
Obama directing ICE and Homeland Security to violate U.S. immigration laws.

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