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Trump lives equality; others just talk it

October 26, 2016

Note:  I’m voting for Trump, because our media and politicians will hold him and his administration accountable and demand transparency.

And we’ll all push him to “drain the swamp in D.C.”  and reverse the decline of America.

If Trump fails to deliver on his promises, we’ll make him a one-term President and finally elect a third-party candidate.  Whoever that’ll be has four years to prepare. 🙂


Based on words and actions, Donald Trump lives equality, while our media and the Democratic Party just talk it.

Trump treats everyone equally:  If you’re nice, he’s nice.  If you’re a jerk, he’s a jerk.  If you hit him, he hits you verbally or litigiously.

Even if you’re Rosie O’Donnell or a FoxNews anchor.

Conversely, the Democratic Party has different rules and labels for different folks.

Democrats have manipulated and divided Americans into certain groups in order to gain power and votes–ever since they dumped their dying KKK-Jim Crow image for the more-palpable, but-no-less-racist Nanny-State Bully who’ll give you free stuff as long as you don’t want too much or get too uppity.

No shame label is too dishonest for Democrats to use if they can suppress votes for non-Democratic Party candidates:  Bernie Sanders’ basement nuts, Gary Johnson’s stoners, Jill Stein’s anti-science goofies, and Trump’s irredeemables, deplorables, racists, bigots, sexists, nativists, haters.

Hillary, her operatives and our press have hit Trump with more punches than any candidate in U.S. history:  Their repulsive political ads, WikiLeaks and biased reporting would have destroyed even a Lincoln candidacy.

And yet Trump is still standing.

Would you be?

Think about it:  In our PC America, who besides Trump has been ridiculed for skin color, hair color, hair versus toupee, eyes, clothing, hats, weight, hand size, temperament, patriotism et al.?

It certainly wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

The press won’t even confront her about why she was made it a priority to get U.S. companies to create jobs and invest billions in tax haven Ireland while millions of Americans were losing their homes and jobs. ; ;

Apple now has 6,000 good jobs in Ireland and paid a tax rate of less than 1%–thanks to  Hillary.  The Clinton Foundation’s liaison to Apple is President Obama’s former EPA head, Lisa Jackson, who resigned in disgrace because she’d used fake email accounts. (Obama’s  EPA  love the planet so much that employees targeted non-union companies such as Gibson Guitar. Power and money are why the Obamas, the Clintons, Al Gore et al. focus on carbon credits and selling out America–rather than focusing on the obvious:  Uniting world leaders to address the world’s unsustainable population of 7.3 billion people.)

The press won’t confront Hillary about:

her and Bill’s pay to play scheme,

her violating two U.S. laws related to facility security in Benghazi ,

her lying to  Americans and “Gold Star” families about what happened in Benghazi,

her labeling the “Gold Star” families as delusional and liars

why she was in the Situation Room to get the glory for killing Osama bin Laden but not to save her employees and their former Navy SEAL rescuers,

her illegal server and unsecure emails which violated national security–for which our military members have been charged, prosecuted and in prison for far less,

her and her staff’s, campaign’s, and Clinton Foundation’s WikiLeaks which show serious errors in judgment and corruption and that the Clintons shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.

Our press won’t even ask Hillary how she can be President when no other American who’d committed her reckless actions and crimes would be able to get a national security clearance much less a government job.

In fact, us little people would have been prosecuted and serving 5-10.

In our PC America, whose children and wife have been as unfairly judged as Trump’s?**

But there is a bright side:  Our press hasn’t painted Melania as a privileged, psychic-controlled nut as they did Nancy Reagan.

Nor has our press accused Melania of faking multiple sclerosis–as they did with Mitt Romney’s wife.

Instead, our media attacked and belittled Melania’s modeling career, her legal immigration history, her RNC speech, for not fitting into a particular mold, for being a good mom and for being her own person.

Trump, his family and the GOP have been relentlessly attacked while his opponent’s failures and corruption have largely gotten a pass.

Compared to Trump, the mainstream media treat Hillary Clinton as if she’s a shrinking violet.

Based on words and actions, our press is sexist.

And biased–at least against conservatives and almost everyone else on the planet who isn’t as “enlightened” as they are.

It must be nice to be elistist snobs sitting on high, directing America’s future.

I’d appreciate our mainstream media’s efforts if they hadn’t done such a piss-poor job.

Our freedom requires an unbiased press that ensures government transparency and accountability.

But sometimes,  it’s impossible to tell the reporters and anchors from Hillary’s operatives.

Her operatives labeled Trump as sexist, so the media failed to report that Trump pays his female employees the same as males and has more female executives than males.

That same press barely whispered that Hillary paid her female employees less than males.

Our press and even Saturday Night Live (10/15/2016) reduced Bill’s and Hillary’s rape victims to “mistresses.”

The press said it’s not fair to “dwell on” Bill’s past deeds. He’d only be “the first dude” whom Hillary said she’s putting in charge of the economy and jobs.

Did the mainstream media silently pray that Hillary wouldn’t mention “NAFTA” and “Bill” in the same sentence?

Biased reporters surely didn’t want to remind Americans of the millions of jobs lost by Bill’s NAFTA, his economy’s massive tech bubble that made the tech sector a pariah for a generation, his economy heading into recession as he was heading out the door in January 2001

But that’s the little stuff.

No one in the press talks about Bill being the first President  to let the Saudis own U.S. assets.

Don’t tell Hillary.  She thinks you don’t even know that the Saudis and other Sharia Law nations have given them and their foundation hundreds of millions of dollars.

And the press has ensured you know almost nothing about Hillary’s rape victim, Kathy Shelton, who was 12-year-old virgin when she was raped by two men and beaten so badly she was in a coma for four days and would never be able to have children:

Defending the 41-year-old rapist, Hillary labeled her rape victim as mentally unstable, promiscuous and “asking for it” in order to get her rapist-client a one-year prison sentence.

Hillary’s press has labeled her rape victim as a liar because the girl said she was in a coma for five days when it was only four.

Hillary and the pro-HRC press label her rape victim as a liar, because her story doesn’t match the rapists’.

The same press that reduced Hillary’s and Bill’s rape victims to “mistresses” had no qualms about elevating several women’s allegations against Trump for unwanted sexual advances to rape/sexual assault–less than one month before Election Day.

The same press used Trump’s own words to confirm the allegations–except reporters and anchors misquoted his words (e.g., changed the “you” sentence structure to “I” in the “Grab ’em by the p*&^%,”).

And no one in the press released the entire video  and audiotape, so we voters could establish the accuracy and context. Our press hasn’t reported that three of the  women have said Trump did not do what the press has accused him of doing, and 15 other women have debunked some of the other women’s allegations.

For Hillary, our press most certainly would have released and analyzed the entire video and audiotape–as well as acted as her PR team–just as they’ve cleaned up all of her missteps, misspeaks, “short circuits,” lies and long record of failures and corruption. [ See my blog post in which Democrats Elizabeth Warren’s and Gregory Meeks’ descriptions of “gutless leadership” deserving of being fined, demoted, fired and/or prosecuted surely describes Hillary Clinton for her failures and corruption . Unless, of course, Warren and Meeks are being “Harry Reid hypocrites.”]

So far, no one has held NBC and its employees et al. accountable for undermining our electoral process by burying important information about a candidate for 11 years–while NBC made hundreds of millions off of The Apprentice.

No one in the press cares that NBC and its employees et al. undermined an election in which 75% of Americans voted for change during the primaries.

In fact, the press, two Democratic National Committee chairs, and Hillary Clinton operatives worked together to undermine the integrity of this election–just as they did with John McCain:  labeled him as unstable from his years as a POW, which former Democrat-turned GOP Trump repeated and then the reporters and anchors alike acted as if they didn’t recognize their own words coming out of Trump’s mouth.

And Mitt Romney: Reporters from different news agencies coordinated gotcha questions and waited to report the October surprises that they seemed to know were coming.

PBS and NBC gave an entire hour each to report on Mormonism in order to educate evangelicals and minorities on why he would never be one of them. Otherwise, why would anyone report on lack of  the underwear Mormons wear to bed?

If you compare Trump to our biased press, the DNC, Hillary and her operatives, Trump is the one who treats everyone equally.

Trump hits back hard if you hit him hard–even if you’re a female reporter for FoxNews or a male reporter with a physical disability.

In the first GOP debate, the very first question was meant to derail and destroy Trump’s presidential run. It most certainly would have destroyed any other presidential candidate.

Trump survived because he verbally hit Megyn Kelly hard for the question. He treated her as he would any other reporter for what he saw as an unfair opening shot at him.

If we women want equality, then we must stop asking for special treatment whenever we’re treated as any man would be treated.

Frankly, it’s 2016, and time for all of us able-bodied people to stop asking for special treatment.

Special treatment lets politicians divide us into groups and lists so that they can pit us against one another in order to control their voting bases and expand their power.

I like that Trump treats everyone equally whether they’re women or men. Or politicians or reporters who aren’t doing their jobs to ensure our government and leaders are transparent and held accountable.

If they hit Trump, he’s going to verbally hit them back, even if they have a disability–as he did with a reporter who happened to have MS.  Trump treated the reporter as he would anyone else who’d done something he thought ws dishones

The only time I’ve seen Trump pull a punch was when he was talking about the Kahns after Mr. Khriz Kahn at the DNC convention had viciously attacked Trump.

If our press weren’t Hillary’s PR team, the Khans would know Trump’s putting America’s safety first should not discourage any pro-America immigrants who respect individual freedom and want to come to America legally. Our FBI has said, refugees from Syria cannot be adequately vetted, because there are no records to prove who they are. Hillary wanted to bring in at least 100,000 refugees annually–even though they may never be eligible for green cards and therefore would always be on welfare and Medicaid and other public assistance.
If the Khan’s wanted to blame someone for the death of their son,  it should be President Bush for going into Iraq and President Obama for losing the peace and wasting U.S. blood and treasure–including the Khan’s son.
If Khan’s measure of who is the better American is true–Gold Star families–then why have New York’s and Hollywood’s elite looked down their noses at America’s poor whites who’ve found their way out of poverty as my dad and his three brothers did by joining the military, some dying for our country?
My family, like millions of other American families, have sacrificed for America since the Revolutionary War.
Yet our press was in agreement with Hillary when she slimed half of American as “deplorables, because we don’t believe America can withstand four more years of Bush-Clinton-Obama corruption.

Hillary’s PR team press relentlessly reported that Trump had ” viciously attacked” the Kahns.

That’s a  lie.

But if you watch what Trump said to Bill Clinton’s former press secretary, George Stephanopoulos,  you’ll see a far gentler Trump than we ordinarily see.

A subdued Trump said that Mr. Khan was “very emotional,” “a nice guy” and “I wish him the best of luck.”  His wife “had nothing to say,” “maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say . . . she was extremely quiet . . . a lot of people have said that.”
Yes, Trump was being un-PC.  He dared to start the discussion all Americans should be having:  Is America a stronger, freer country if we allow millions of immigrants from religious sects or anti-American countries that oppress women, kill adulterers and kill LGBTQ.
Since Bill Clinton’s former press secretary was doing the interview, we have no way of knowing what Trump actually said, because the Clinton Machine would have ensured the worse-possible editing job on Trump’s words.
If the media’s outrage over the Kahns was genuine,*** why didn’t they rip into  Hillary Clinton who has repeatedly labeled Benghazi “Gold Star” families as delusional and liars after they revealed that she and Obama had lied to them about how their loved ones had died and several other Americans were critically injured?

Hillary slimed the “Gold Star” families in order to continue the narrative that “al Qaeda was on the run.”

Hillary slimed the “Gold Star” families, because she didn’t want you to kow that she had violated two U.S. laws in failing to ensure the safety of her diplomatic outpost and her employees in Benghazi, Libya. ;

When outed, Hillary’s excuse was that she couldn’t possibly be responsible for the safety of so many employees:  65,000.****

Hillary said she couldn’t be responsible for the safety of her 65,000 State Department employees in 2012, so how can she be U.S. President responsible for protecting 330 million Americans?



The media in 1980s used to go ballistic over President Ronald Reagan:  He’s crazy, has early Alzheimer’s and will get us into a nuclear war, the media screamed–with only the National Review–sans FoxNews–to counter the media bias.

The U.S. press didn’t respect Reagan.

But the world did.

The U.S. press whined and complained that no one knew what Reagan was capable of doing.

But the world knew:   Reagan would always put America first.

Since Bill Clinton stepped into the Oval Office in 1993 and began selling out America, “Put America first” has become “the xenophobia of bigots.”

I’m old enough to remember when “putting your country’s interests first” was called “patriotism.”

No one but Trump has been brave enough to risk being labeled a racist and bigot and xenophobe by not only saying but also promising to “put America first.”

That is Trump’s docterine: Every decision he makes as President will put America first.

America can no longer afford to have politicians who put America last.

When in history has it been more important to have a U.S. President who will let the whole world know he’ll  always put America first and will always hit back harder than we got hit?

*I find it disheartening that Hillary during the second debate labeled everyone in America as a racist–“implicitly biased”–yet our press said nothing about it.

If Trump had labeled everyone in America as a racist, we all would have heard about it 24/7 until election day.

Conversely, Hillary’s operatives and our pro-Democratic Party media lied to all of America in order to manipulate and control who Latino Americans vote for:  They reported that Trump is a racist who calls all people of Mexican descent rapists and murderers.


They know what Trump meant.  They know, Trump merely wants to deport the two million felons who are in the USA illegally–some of whom are rapists and murderers from Mexico and other countries.
In 2014, ICE  released 36,000 illegal immigrants who’d committed thousands of crimes:
The records show that more than 16,000 were convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Over 9,000 had dangerous drug convictions, 1,075 were convicted of aggravated assault, 426 of sexual assault and 193 of homicide. Additionally, the records show that 1,160 of the freed illegal immigrants had stolen vehicle convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions and 303 flight escape.” convictions.”
 They know, Trump plans to form a task force to do the deportations of felons as quickly and efficiently as possible.

They know, Trump never said he was forming a task force to tear apart families and ship them to their home countries, even if they’ve been here for years and never committed any crimes.

Hillary and her operatives and the media intentionally act obtuse whenever Trump isn’t as polished and as articulate as a professional liar (i.e., politician) would be.

The same media tie themselves into pretzels to explain Hillary’s lies, misspeaks and short circuits.

That’s sexist at best and bigoted against conservatives.
**All of Trump’s children have been attacked. You can find them easily online.
The press has given a pass to former hedge-fund employee Chelsea Clinton and her former Goldman Sachs employee husband, whose hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, has been repeatedly helped by Goldman Sachs employees.
***In fact, I believe, the Democrats invited the Kahns to the DNC convention, because they shared the same last name as the London mayor whom Trump had sharply criticized in May 2016:  Mayor Sadiq Kahn.
If Trump hadn’t taken the bait, Democrats would have confused voters with the two Kahns on YouTube et al.
****Benghazi was one of only 14 diplomatic outposts that had been designated highest-risk for terrorist attack. BTW, the same attack happened in 1967. No one died. But then Hillary wasn’t their Secretary of State, and no one wasted precious time having highly trained former Navy SEALS to stand down and let poorly trained Libyan militia to save Americans because of . .  .  Who knows?  The press has never pinned Hillary down about that or anything else.)
But that was her job. After bombings at two embassies in Africa, Bill passed laws that require all Secretaries of State to sign any safety waivers.
*****Finally, if you look at the original videos rather than those awful political ads that Hillary and her super PACs run about Trump, you’ll see that Trump usually didn’t say or mean what’s in the dishonest ads; e.g., “go f*& yourselves” was Trump quoting what someone else had said, and he didn’t say the f word. He mouthed it, and the dishonest press and HRC political ads put a bleep over the silence to make  you think he actually said it.
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