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Next U.S. President Is Unfit to Hold Any Government Job

October 11, 2016

America has never had a presidential candidate who is as corrupt and as unfit to be U.S. President as Hillary Clinton is.*

If you’d done what Hillary Clinton did, you would have been . . .

–charged and prosecuted for manslaughter/criminally negligent homicide for knowingly creating an environment that put your employees at great, unnecessary risk of bodily harm and/or death–which directly and/or indirectly caused the deaths of four Americans (two of which were your employees) and the critical injuries to other Americans;

–fired as Secretary of State for violating two U.S. laws when you repeatedly failed to provide legally required security at your diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, one of 14 “highest-risk for terrorist attack” facilities in the world;

–unable to get a national security clearance (and therefore unable to be President of the United States) because of your multiple security violations as Secretary of State; e.g., using your own unsecured private server to send and receive even highly classified material; instructing your staff to remove classified designations from correspondence so that the fax machine would accept the material;

–unable to win any elected office or hold an advisory position because your poor judgment and decisions destabilized the entire Middle East, Northern African and EU because you wanted a Middle East economic union; led to a rich, nuclearized Iran whose export of 3.6 M barrels of oil/day now help bankrupt already-struggling U.S. energy companies; destroyed relationships with all of our allies; empowered and more closely aligned Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia et al. against the United States; enabled Russia to buy a uranium mine in U.S. and now control 20% U.S. uranium; enabled China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar India, Japan, Netherlands, Norway et al. to own millions of acres of U.S. green and fossil-fuel assets so America can’t control its energy future.

–publicly shamed because while millions of Americans were losing their jobs, you appointed a special envoy to Ireland to get U.S. companies to invest billions of dollars and create good jobs and internships in tax-haven Ireland, because you planned to run for President in 2015-16, so you needed the Irish to shut up about your lying about helping with the peace talks in the 1990s.

Only a corrupt Third World country would have a presidential candidate who is unfit to hold any government job–if she were held to the same standards as you would be.

Only a corrupt, Third World media, President and Administration would cover up for and act as the PR team for Mrs. Clinton.

President Obama will always be remembered as being our first African-American President.

But President Obama and his administration should be remembered for being the most corrupt President and Administration in U.S. history.

And our media are to blame: No country can be free with a press that fails to ensure government transparency and accountability.

Even worse, for the third presidential election in a row, our media have acted as the PR team for their presidential pick and destroyed all opposition.

Only because of our corrupt media, President and his administration will Hillary Clinton become the next U.S. President.

When Mrs. Clinton and her advisors re-create the chaos and destruction of the Middle East, Northern Africa and EU here in America, low-information voters will realize they’ve been played once again by America’s corrupt leaders who benefit from Blame Game “politics as usual.”

But such an awakening will be too late for America and for you.


*See my blog post “Democrats label Hillary Clinton as unfit to be U.S. President” for a more-comprehensive list of Clinton’s failures.

**Tragically, we Americans have become accustomed to our mainstream media being activists who under- or over-report information in order to control out perceptions and behavior and to promote their agendas, special-interest groups and the Democratic Party.

For the third presidential election in the row, the media rather than American voters will pick the Democratic nominee as U.S. President, because the media marginalized, ridiculed or destroyed all of Hillary’s opponents during the primary and general elections.

This election, we’ve witnessed rock-bottom corruption between our media and government as evidenced by thousands of WikiLeaks.

But if you’re not a political junkie, you know little about Hillary’s and her campaign’s WikiLeaks (much less Obama’s), because the mainstream media are ensuring that you know nothing that can actually derail Hillary’s path to the presidency.

Covering all of its bases, the Democratic Party’s PR team ialso includes comedians, singers and actors who don’t want to be “McCarthied.”

The Democratic Party’s PR team even includes Saturday Night Live, which has record viewership every election season.

Since its inception, Saturday Night Live has been on the Democrats’ PR team as has its parent company, NBC.

In 2008, SNL stooped to a new low with its ridicule of the first GOP nominee for Vice-President, Sarah Palin–but few acknowledged SNL’s new low, because only marginalized conservatives and Christians admit to liking much less respecting Palin; i.e., those awful Taxed Enough Already people (Tea Party).

Pre-SNL, Palin was the most popular governor in America and had been the first governor in Alaska to stand up to Big Oil.

After SNL and a belittling, gotcha interview with CBS’s Katie, Palin was run out of office (or face bankruptcy from defending herself from frivolous lawsuits) to ensure she would not and could not run successfully run for a nationwide office ever.

If Couric or anyone in the mainstream media had subjected “I’ve visited 57 states” first-time presidential candidate Barack Obama to a belittling, gotcha interview, Obama would have been exposed as anti-middle America and woefully unprepared to be President.

I’m not saying, don’t do the gotcha questions, the gotcha interviews. I’m saying, do them for every candidate, not just non-Democrats.

But I digress.

On October 15, 2016, SNL stunningly hit rock bottom when it labeled Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims and confirmed sexual battery and sexual harassment victims as his “mistresses.”

In doing so, SNL had joined the ranks of dishonest reporters and anchors in the mainstream media who’d reduced Bill Clinton’s crimes  to infidelities–while elevating Donald Trump’s alleged behavior to felonies: Vice-President Joe Biden and CNN’s Anderson Cooper et al. labeled Trump’s alleged unwanted passes as “sexual assault.”

Biden, Cooper et al.elevated Trump’s behavior as felonious by dishonestly changing every “you” on the Trump tape to “I”:  “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you‘re a star, they let you do it, you can do anything… [You] Grab them by the P*&%^ You can do anything.”

Biden, Cooper and every other person with a fifth-grade level of reading comprehension know that “you” is second person, so Trump is talking about someone he knew or had heard about.

We don’t have the entire tape and video, so we don’t know context.  We don’t know who or what Trump and Bill Bush had been talking about during the video and before the audiotape sans video.

But we do know that Trump did not say “I” as Biden, Cooper et al. have repeatedly stated,.

And we do know that Democrats unapologetically use the Saul Alinsky tactic: If you repeat a lie often enough, everyone believes it.

That’s why Americans still believe Sarah Pain, rather than SNL’s Tina Fey, said, “I can see Russia from my house.”

If the Trump tape belonged to Hillary and WikiLeaks leaked it:  The mainstream media and SNL would be falling all over themselves to get the entire tape and video to have them analyzed to ensure that they hadn’t been edited and spliced and to determine the context.

If the Trump tape was Hillary’s, voters would have access to the entire tape and video or ate least the portions of the tape that enabled the mainstream media and the Democratic Party and actors and comedians to give it the best possible spin again and again and again until all of America got the message: The tape means nothing; vote for Hillary.

After all, there’s been zero backlash from the mainstream media’s and SNL’s dismissing Bill Clinton’s alleged rape victims and confirmed sexual battery and sexual harassment victims as “mistresses.”

The media repeatedly report that Hillary’s WikiLeaks have not been authenticated–as if Hillary herself wouldn’t deny the emails and recordings if they were fake.

Perhaps after the election, an enterprising if not honest reporter will reveal an accurate account and timeline of who, how and why NBC employees et al. buried and leaked the tape less than one month before the presidential election in order to elect the most corrupt, unfit presidential nominee in U.S. history: Hillary Clinton.

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