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Lester Holt failed low-information voters

September 27, 2016

In the most-critical debate of our presidential election, Lester Holt failed to ask even one question that would have revealed to low-information voters that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be U.S. President:

(1) Holt didn’t ask about Hillary’s corruption that would have put every other American in prison.

Hillary and Bill used her State Department clout and employees to turn the Clinton Foundation into a multibillion-dollar charity funded by the world’s elite that expect quid pro quo and funded by foreign governments that are hostile to women and deadly to GLBTQ.

(2) Holt didn’t ask about Hillary’s incompetent oversight of the State Department that allowed her employees and Bill Clinton to use the clout of the State Department to create one of the most powerful fixers in the world: Teneo Holdings.

(3) Holt didn’t ask how Hillary can be Commander-in-Chief after telling Congress that she couldn’t be expected to keep track of the safety for all 65,000 State Department employees–even though the U.S. outpost in Benghazi was only one of the 14 most dangerous U.S. outposts in the world.

In failing to keep her State Department employees safe, Hillary violated two U.S. laws.

But President Obama failed to hold her accountable:  Hillary wasn’t fined, demoted, fired nor charged with manslaughter.

Instead, Hillary gets to brag about her resume and will be promoted to the highest office in America–if voters don’t hold her accountable.

(4) Holt didn’t ask Hillary why she put Americans at risk by her using Libya’s poorly trained militia to provide security for her employees; i.e., cutting U.S. security from 34 to 6 U.S. guards.

Being politically correct or having poor judgment or simply being unable to mange “so many” employees is why Hillary denied multiple requests for increased security at the U.S.  diplomatic outpost in Benghazi–one of 14 of the highest-risk for terrorist attack.

(5) Holt didn’t ask Hillary why she was in the Situation Room to get the glory for killing Osama bin Laden, but when her diplomatic outpost in Benghazi was under attack, she fled for home in order to give herself plausible deniability and protect her political career.

If Hillary had been in the Situation Room, she could have informed State Department employees–who were telling the Benghazi annex’s U.S. security team of  highly trained former Navy SEALS to stand down and to leave the rescue of her employees up to Libya’s poorly trained militia which had NEVER responded to State Department’s requests for help prior to September 11, 2012.

(6) Holt didn’t ask why Hillary slimes Trump about the Gold Star Kahn family when she’s repeatedly labeled the “Gold Star” families of heroes killed in Benghazi as delusional and liars after they revealed that she’d lied to them about how and why their loved ones were killed.

(7) Holt didn’t ask about Hillary’s national security breaches and subsequent cover up that should have put her in prison and unable to get the national security clearance necessary to fulfill the job as U.S. President (i.e., sending classified material on her unsecure email server; when Congress issued subpoena, she had her staff delete emails and had her IT department start deleting all emails older than 60 days). See 4:43 @

(8) Holt didn’t ask Hillary about her short-sighted, reckless judgement that has helped destabilize the entire Middle East, Africa and European Union (i.e., she convinced President Obama to overthrow of Libya’s Gaddafi which resulted in his unsecured weapons being used to arm terrorists; she helped arm Syrian rebels whose arms were stolen by al Qaeda and ISIS).

(9) Holt didn’t ask Hillary, how can she go after Wall Street when her daughter and her son-in-law used to work for hedge funds and her former Goldman Sachs son-in-law now co-owns hedge fund Eaglevale Partners which has been repeatedly helped and bailed out by Goldman Sachs managers since Eaglevale’s inception.

(10) Holt didn’t ask Hillary if she still supports her negotiated nuke deal with Iran, which has resulted in the Obama Administration’s returning $1.7 billion to Iran–enough money to buy Iran 17 nukes.

Hillary’s negotiated deal with Iran also has enabled Iran to sell 3.6 million barrels of oil daily–helping crush U.S. oil companies that are already on the verge of bankruptcy.

Dozens of oil companies have gone bankrupt and have been bought by even foreign governments that are non-allies; i.e., China.

(11) Holt didn’t ask Hillary if she would continue the Bush-Clinton plan to redistribute U.S. power and wealth to the world, ultimately enabling corporations via the United Nations to create one global currency and one set of global regulations that will benefit corporate profits but will rule our lives.

There are many other questions Lester Holt failed to ask Hillary that would have exposed her as being unfit to be President of any country that believes freedom hinges on government transparency.

Holt instead chose to focus on whether Trump paid taxes or had been sued as much as every other builder and entrepreneur in America and whether Trump birthed birtherism in 2011–rather than Hillary’s long-time confidante Sid Blumenthal in 2008.
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