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Stop wasting your voice, Colin Kaepernick

September 21, 2016

Colin Kaepernick is wasting his voice.

Yes, Kaepernick has the right to say despicable things–including his original protest that blamed 330 million Americans for the oppression of blacks, rather than blaming bad or poorly trained police officers.

Yes, Kaepernick dishonors the American flag and anthem, which symbolize America’s blood and treasure that were sacrificed for us to remain free.

Yes, anyone who threatens Kaepernick’s or anyone else’s right to free speech is a moron, anti-America and a potential tyrant.

But Kaepernick is wasting his voice on “protest without education.”

Colin Kaepernick should use his voice to educate Americans in how to safely interact with police officers–especially if we feel fear or believe the police officer is in the wrong.

Colin, please, teach my sisters, my husband, my child and me to follow commands.

Teach us all to make police officers feel safe and to not see us as a threat.

Teach us to come home safely.

Teach us to express our outrage later by filing a complaint against the offensive cop.

Colin, protest all you want.  But also educate us, so you can help save lives.

And Colin, please, use your big voice to ask Americans, “Why are our leaders so silent on how lives can be saved (1) by our following police officers’ commands and (2) by our helping police officers to feel safe when dealing with us in their high-risk job?”

“Are our leaders silent on how to save lives, because they are using the deaths of blacks in order to increase their power and wealth and win another election?”

In the meantime, Colin, I’ll continue turning the channel when a 49ers’ game comes on.


Some politicians are quietly working to limit our right to free speech that bashes politicians, Islam, Muhammed and anything that they label as “hate speech.”

By limiting our freedom of speech, politicians can limit our criticism against them.

These “anti-America Americans” have been redistributing America’s power and wealth to the world, because . . .

(1) they are bought and paid for by foreign governments (Hillary Clinton), or

(2)  they believe a weaker, poorer America will make the world safer (President Barack Obama).

If we want to remain free, we must unite as one America–rather than a bunch of  communities that place each community’s interests and needs above America’s.

If we want to remain free, we must stop the madness of allowing our politicians to put America last in order for them to pay back foreign donors or to fulfill their anti-America ideology of bringing America to her knees.

In November, please, vote for anyone but Hillary Clinton, who wants to limit our freedom of speech in order to stop our protests against her plan to continue Obama’s transformation of America from a rich, powerful nation with the best schools in the world into a weak, impoverished nation that can help no one–not even Colin Kaepernick’s “community.”

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