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Unfit to be President? Hell, Hillary

September 19, 2016

The hell that Hillary Clinton helped create in Benghazi symbolizes her failures as Secretary of State and makes her unfit to be U.S. President.

Forget Hillary’s helping turn the Middle East into a haven for terrorists and then lying to us about her failures; forget the millions of Muslims and hundreds of thousands of Christians who’ve died as a result of political decisions she voted for or pushed; forget her being beholden to the world’s elite and to foreign governments that have donated billions to the Clintons in order to gain access and control of entire swaths of U.S. minerals, energy and businesses; forget her decades of defending her predator husband.

Forget all that and Hillary’s myriad other failures and moments of poor judgment, narcissism, corruption, lies.

Remember this when you vote for the next U.S. President:

Hillary Clinton chose to rescue her political career rather than her employees’ lives when 60+ heavily armed terrorists attacked the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 [ ].

Hillary Clinton repeatedly lied to us about Benghazi.

And yet our mainstream media helped cover up Hillary’s (and President Obama’s) failures–something our media would never do for Donald Trump, Governor Gary Johnson nor Dr. Jill Stein.

Benghazi painfully symbolizes just how corrupt our media and our government have become.

Benghazi  symbolizes how Hillary Clinton will always place the needs and safety of America and Americans after . . .

–herself and her legacy;

–foreign governments and the world’s elite, which have donated at least $6 billion to the Clintons’ political careers and Clinton Foundation (e.g.,  while millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs in 2009-12, Hillary helped create good jobs in Ireland in finance, tech and big pharma–even though Ireland is a tax haven sucking good jobs from America; Apple alone has 6,000 jobs there [ ] and even the Clintons’ former Goldman Sachs son-in-law’s floundering hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, and perhaps even his partners’ offshore fund, Eaglevale Partners Offshore Fund [ ; ; ; ; ]);

–political correctness (e.g., to be PC and not offend Libyans, Hillary entrusted Americans’ safety and lives to Libyan guards and militia–even on September 11 at Benghazi, one of the 14 most dangerous U.S. diplomatic outposts in the world in 2012 [ ] );

–multinational corporations (which want one currency and one set of regulations in order to increase profits and to more easily control workers and investment outcomes; and

–the United Nations, which seeks to marginalize America in order to redistribute America’s wealth and power to countries historically oppressed by the West (e.g., until running for President, Hillary has always supported trade agreements that have moved millions of jobs from America).

If you plan to vote for Hillary Clinton, please take the time to learn about who she really is rather than who the world’s most corrupt say she is.

If you want a U.S. President who’ll be held accountable by our mainstream media, Congress and U.S. Supreme Court, then you’ll vote for anyone except Hillary Clinton.



–Before the Benghazi terrorist attacks, Hillary helped Obama mislead American voters into believing that terrorists were “on the run” and being “decimated”–when in reality the terrorists were more deadly and were spreading across the Middle East and Africa.

–Hillary’s excuse for failing to provide adequate security is that she had more than 60,000 State Department employees “to keep track of.”  Yet only 14 of the more than 250 U.S. diplomatic outposts had the highest risk for terrorism. The Benghazi compound was one of the 14 outposts at highest risk of terrorist attack.

–In order to be politically correct and to “show trust” with the Libyan government, Hillary’s State Department had three dozen American security guards removed from Libya before September 11, 2012–largely leaving the security of Americans up to the local Libyan police and militia–even though the Libyans had repeatedly failed to respond to Americans’ requests for assistance prior to September 11, 2012.

–From March to Sep 10, 2012, Hillary’s State Department denied multiple requests for increased security at the Benghazi outpost–even though it had experienced two bombing attempts that summer and was the only Western organization left in the area, because Benghazi had become too dangerous for Westerners.

–Seven Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, were at the Benghazi diplomatic compound when terrorists attacked on 9/11 2012. A nearby annex had CIA staff and even highly trained former Navy SEALS who were repeatedly told to stand down during the first terrorist attack on 9/11 2012, rather than rescue Americans at the compound, delaying rescue by 20-30 minutes, depending upon whose account of events that you choose to believe.

–No military backup was anywhere near North Africa–even though it was the anniversary of 9/11 and Benghazi was one of only 14 of the most dangerous U.S. diplomatic outposts.

–Hillary chose to rescue her political career rather than on her employees’ lives when 60+ heavily armed terrorists attacked the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi on September 11, 2012,:  She went home before even one of the dozens of Americans in Benghazi had been rescued–giving herself plausible deniability.

This is the same Hillary who took credit for the killing of Usama bin Laden by getting her photograph taken in the White House Situation Room with President Obama et al. During the 13 hours of terrorist attacks and subsequent rescue of Americans in Benghazi, Hillary was nowhere near the Situation Room.

–The rescue of Americans in Benghazi by Annex Security Team composed of former Navy SEALS and by the U.S. military was repeatedly hindered and delayed as politicians who chose to protect their political careers and to be PC with local Libyans.

–After several Americans were critically injured or murdered in Benghazi, Hillary helped mislead Americans into believing Americans in Benghazi had died because of a protest over a bash-Muhammed video.

–Hillary lied to four “Gold Star” families about the murders of their loved ones in Benghazi.

–When family members of three of the four “Gold Star” heroes who died in Benghazi revealed that Hillary had lied to them, Hillary repeatedly labeled them as liars and delusional [ ].

–After America and the world learned that Hillary had lied about the 60+ heavily armed terrorists who’d murdered or critically injured several Americans on September 11, 2012, Hillary asked, “What difference does it make?”

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