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‘Basket of deplorables’ describes Hillary Clinton’s legacy, which makes her unfit to hold political office

September 11, 2016

Recently, Hillary Clinton looked down her privileged-white nose at roomful of America’s elite and labeled Donald Trump’s poor and middle-class supporters as a “basket of deplorables” who are bigots and racists [ ].

But “basket of deplorables” better describes Hillary Clinton’s legacy of corrupt deeds that make her unfit to hold any political office.

Here are just a few deeds in Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”:

(1) Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to repay one of her political fundraisers–Irish-born Declan Kelly–by appointing him as Special Envoy to Northern Ireland in 2009. (Kelly was a big fundraiser during Hillary’s failed 2008 presidential run against Barack Obama. Her appointment of Kelly sidestepped congressional approval, and she didn’t fill the position after Kelly resigned almost two years later.)

Kelly used his fancy, new job title to lure U.S. companies to invest in his home country, Ireland [ ; ; ].

While millions of Americans were losing their homes and jobs during the Great Recession and in its aftermath, U.S. companies invested billions IN IRELAND, formed mentoring programs IN IRELAND and created thousands of good jobs in finance, technology, pharmaceuticals IN IRELAND.

Those new good jobs IN IRELAND also helped create thousands of service-sector jobs to support the new workers in those new good jobs IN IRELAND.

Before Hillary appointed Kelly, the special envoy position to Ireland had been left vacant since the late 1990s, because Ireland’s ultra-low corporate tax rate and its reputation as a tax haven gave it the unique ability to suck jobs and money from countries around the globe [ ; ; ].

In fact, Ireland and other tax havens have sucked so many jobs, companies and billions of dollars away from the United States that, after Pfizer announced in November 2015 that it was moving to Ireland, President Obama’s Treasury Department took steps to deter U.S. companies from leaving America’s shores [ see footnote 1; ].

While working for the State Department, Kelly earned millions in consultant fees from FTI Consulting and Dow Chemical, and he co-founded Teneo Holdings along with Doug Band (former State Department and Clinton Foundation lawyer) and Paul Keary (former Senior Managing Director of FTI Consulting, which is a member of the World Economic Forum) [ ].

In a few short years, Kelly’s Teneo Holdings has transformed into one of the most-powerful corporate fixers in the world.

(2) Hillary put her political career before the safety and lives of her employees in Benghazi, and then when her failures were exposed, she repeatedly lied rather than hold herself accountable [footnote 2].

During the attack on her Benghazi diplomatic outpost on September 11, 2012, Hillary gave herself plausible deniability by going home rather than going to the Situation Room and remaining there to ensure the rescue of her employees who were attacked three times by dozens of heavily armed terrorists over a 9-hour period and who were in extreme danger for 13 hours before they were evacuated from Benghazi [footnote 4; ].

Yes, Hillary couldn’t have helped save her two employees who were killed during the first of three attacks by heavily armed terrorists: U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and Communications Officer Sean Smith.

But Hillary could have helped prevent the attack altogether by providing the consulate in Benghazi with the increased security Stevens and others had  requested multiple times [footnote 3].

And Hillary (and President Obama) could have helped save the last two Americans from being killed if they’d chosen duty over plausible deniability and stuck around to ensure everything was being done to rescue Americans being attacked by heavily armed terrorists in Benghazi.

Only after 9 hours and three attacks by dozens of heavily armed terrorists were the last two Americans were killed.  Nine hours. 

As far as we know, Hillary and Obama were in bed asleep when the mortars hit and killed former Navy SEALS, turned security contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

We do know, Hillary and Obama weren’t in the Situation Room, getting their photograph taken for posterity as they’d done 17 months earlier in order to take some of the credit for SEAL Team 6’s killing Osama bin Laden.

We also know that Hillary helped create the death trap for her employees at the Benghazi consulate, by allowing her security experts to repeatedly deny multiple requests for increased security at the consulate in Benghazi.

Benghazi had become so dangerous that all other Western diplomats and organizations had evacuated months earlier.

The American consulate in Benghazi had had a homemade bomb thrown over its wall in April 2012 and had had a hole bombed in its wall in June 2012.

Hillary’s excuse for not providing additional security is that she had 65,000 employees, so she left the security up to her security experts.

But the American consulate in Benghazi was one of only 14 outposts designated as having the highest risk for terrorist attack [footnote 3; also see p. 48 in 13 HOURS: THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI].

If Hillary couldn’t see the importance for increased security at the 14 most-dangerous diplomatic outposts on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, how can she be entrusted with the U.S. presidency and to protect more than 330 million Americans?

If Hillary couldn’t see the importance of increased security or the evacuation of her employees after terrorists had attempted to bomb their facility twice, then why didn’t she see the importance after intelligence warned, “Be advised, we have reports from locals that a Western facility or U.S. Embassy/Consulate/Government target will be attacked in the next week” [p. 51 in 13 HOURS: THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI]?

Adding insult to injury, Hillary repeatedly lied to America and to the families of the four American heroes killed in Benghazi about her failures to protect and ensure the rescue her employees.

Worse, Hillary labeled Benghazi heroes’ family members as delusional and liars after three family members revealed that she’d lied to them about how their heroic loved ones had died [  ].

Only Hillary Clinton could get away with helping create a death trap for her employees in Benghazi.

Only Hillary Clinton [and Barack Obama; footnote 2] could get away with protecting her political ass by going home–rather than going to the Situation Room and helping save her employees during the three terrorist attacks and the 13 hours that it took to rescue them.

(3) Hillary protected her sexual abuser/harasser husband, Bill Clinton, and verbally attacked his victims and their supporters. [ ].

(4) Hillary and Bill Clinton are bought and paid for by the world’s elite and foreign governments [ ] who’ve invested at least $6 billion in the Clintons’ political careers and the Clinton Foundation and even their former Goldman Sachs son-in-law’s floundering hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners, and perhaps even his partners offshore fund, Eaglevale Partners Offshore Fund [ ; ; ; ; ].

(5) Hillary’s many failures have cost her nothing.

Hillary didn’t have to resign from her position as Secretary of State for the increase in anti-American sentiment around the world, the alienation of the United States from our allies as she pursued a reset with Russia and undid the hard work of years of sanctions against Iran to prevent its obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Hillary has never been held accountable for the chaos that she and Obama helped create in the Middle East and Africa (i.e., Obama’s much-lauded Arab Spring:  the overthrow of Egyptian President Mubarak, the overthrow of Libyan President Muammar Qadhafi and the disastrous attempted overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad; the overthrow of the democratically elected Mali government in Africa by terrorists who used Qadhafi’s weapons that Obama had failed to have secured after Qadhafi’s overthrow; dramatic increases in terrorist attacks in the majority-Christian nations of Kenya and Nigeria; gave terrorists a U.S. exit date from Iraq; failed to get a Status of Forces Agreement to ensure a stable Iraq; did nothing while the Iraqi government evicted U.S. companies and gave their contracts to China which then secured 30-year oil-related contracts from the Iraqi government)–something I’ve heard only Donald Trump talk about.

Hillary hasn’t taken responsibility for the resulting deaths of millions of Muslims and Christians in the Middle East and Africa.

Hillary didn’t resign as Secretary of State after her failure to increase security or evacuate her employees in Benghazi resulted in the deaths of four Americans and the critical injuries of other Americans.

Hillary wasn’t prosecuted for national security violations related to her having her own server and sending classified material via faxes and emails using her own server.

Hillary wasn’t prosecuted for having her staff remove security-classification headers in order to be able to send classified material on her unsecure server [ ].

In fact, Hillary didn’t even lose her national security clearance much less get indicted–either of which would have made her ineligible to be Commander-in-Chief and U.S. President.


Footnote 1:  Congress has failed to do anything permanent about America’s companies moving to tax havens such as Ireland and now England, so America will continue to lose jobs unless Donald Trump is elected:  He plans to work with Congress to bring back $2 trillion dollars that U.S. companies have offshore and get them to invest in jobs and infrastructure.

Trump also plans to work with Congress to lower the corporate income tax rate, which will make it competitive with other countries’ tax rates.

Footnote 2:  Like Hillary Clinton, President Obama also washed his hands of the Benghazi rescue, because he was running for re-election and had a 60 Minutes interview to prepare for.

Obama left the rescue up to numbers-guy Leon Panetta, whom Obama had unwisely or even bizarrely selected as his Secretary of Defense to replace Defense Secretary Robert Gates who’d resigned in frustration because Obama doesn’t take the advice of his experts nor his generals.

During a press conference, Defense Secretary Panetta stated that, during the night of Benghazi, he couldn’t put our military in harm’s way without real-time information–even though being in harm’s way is our military’s job and even though a drone with live-video feed was immediately dispatched by AFRICOM when it was requested a half hour after the attack began, and the drone arrived in Benghazi about 1 1/2 hours after the first of the three terrorist attacks began.

Footnote 3: Out of the more than 250 U.S. diplomatic outposts, the Benghazi consulate was one of the 14 diplomatic outposts that had “high/critical” for all six threat categories:  international terrorism, indigenous terrorism, political violence, crime, human intelligence, and technical threat (p. 48 in ).

Footnote 4:  After almost nine hours and two attacks by heavily armed terrorists in Benghazi, the evacuation plan was to rescue CIA and State Department staff–and to leave behind the Annex Security Team at the annex until a second rescue plane could be dispatched to the Benghazi Airport (p. 249-253 in ).

The Annex Security Team hadn’t signed a confidentiality agreement that would have prevented them from talking about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi–unlike the CIA staff and State Department employees who were to be evacuated first and would have risked imprisonment if they discussed events in Benghazi without approval from the State Department and the White House.

I believe, if the Annex Security Team members had all been killed during the third terrorist attack–rather than “just” former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods–Americans and the world never would’ve learned the truth about Benghazi.

It was the Republican-led House of Representatives’ investigation of the terrorist attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi that exposed Hillary’s national security violations and her using a private email server to send and receive classified materials.

I believe, if the Democrats had controlled the House of Representatives, we would have never have learned about Hillary’s email server–much less the truth about Benghazi.

If the Annex Security Team members had all been killed, Americans and the world would still believe the Clinton-Obama lie that four American heroes had been killed during a protest about an anti-Muhammed video–rather than during three pre-planned, heavily armed terrorist attacks on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

If the Annex Security Team members had all been killed, we perhaps we even would still believe Obama’s lies that “al Qaeda was on the run,” its leaders had been “decimated” and ISIS was just a “JV team.”

If the Annex Security Team members had all been killed, we would believe that the responsible party had been punished–rather than knowing that Obama-Clinton’s fall guy was Sam Bacile, an anti-Muhammed video maker and ex-con who’d exercised his First Amendment right to free speech and landed  back in prison.

If the Annex Security Team members had all been killed, Benghazi and Hillary’s private email server would have never existed in the minds of American voters, and Hillary’s Media SuperPAC would have been able to easily divert our attention from the billions of dollars the world’s elite have invested in Hillary’s and Bill’s political careers and in the Clinton Foundation.

If the Annex Security Team members had all been killed, Hillary Clinton already would have been anointed as the next American President.
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