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The most powerful couple in world history would equal disaster for U.S.A.: Hillary and Bill Clinton

September 9, 2016

Hillary and Bill Clinton will become the most powerful couple in the history of the world if she’s elected the next U.S. President.*

But that power couple is beholden to corporations and foreign governments et al. that have invested at least $6 billion in the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

And those multinational corporations and foreign governments et al. want the United States of America to be under the control of the United Nations (UN), because the

UN would implement a one-world currency and global regulations.

A one-world currency and global regulations would save corporations trillions in currency exchange rates, regulatory approvals, environmental-impact studies, legal fees, political campaign contributions, lobbyists and even bribes.

Foreign governments would benefit from the UN’s redistribution of wealth of the U.S.A. et al. to poorer countries–which is the goal of Democrat (Progressive) leaders such as President Barack Obama.

And Hillary and Bill would benefit, too: They’d be repaying their backers–while costing us our country and perhaps our lives.**


*Clinton insiders have said that, as U.S. President, Hillary would appoint Bill as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), which could make him UN Secretary General by 2018.

With Hillary as U.S. President and Bill as UN Secretary General, any crisis could be used to place the U.S.A. and ultimately the world under the control of the UN.

Having all countries under the control of the UN would benefit the world’s elite and corporations, because they’ll make trillions by having to deal with only one currency and one set of global regulations.

Of course, Hillary and the Progressives et al. haven’t considered the long-term ramifications of their plan–much less China’s own plan to be the world’s superpower with its yuan supplanting the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency used to buy oil.

That’s typical Hillary (and President Barack Obama) who also didn’t consider the ramifications of not securing Libya’s weapons after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi (thereby repeating the mistake made by President George Bush during the 2003 invasion of Iraq).

Or that, by arming Syrian rebels (via Benghazi and Turkey) to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Obama and Hillary would be arming and empowering al Qaeda and ultimately ISIS.

Or that by deeply dividing Americans along racial and economic lines, alienating us from our allies, enabling foreign companies and governments to own critical U.S. assets and by accumulating $150 trillion in public and private debt and $150-200 trillion in future entitlement obligations, Progressives–with much “help” from Republicans–have put Americans and America in greater danger than at any time in U.S. history.


**Progressives, via the NEA, control our schools and have taught our children for decades to hate America in order to prepare them for a UN-centric world.

Progressives have taught our children about America’s shameful history of slavery, Jim Crow laws, corporate corruption, military intervention et al.–while failing to teach our children even a few of the many good things America has done to help the less fortunate around the globe and here at home.  (Most Progressives minimize or omit that the vast majority of Americans never owned slaves and had even less control over our government, corporations and elite class than we do now; that many countries around the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, etc., share America’s shameful history of slavery; Africans were slaves before they were brought to the United States et al.; and blacks, whites, Muslims and Christians are still being persecuted, enslaved and slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa today.)

I don’t want to mitigate America’s shameful history of slavery–which Republicans fought to end; and Democrats, to continue–nor despicable Jim Crow laws created and enforced by Democrats.

But it’s time for America’s leaders to stop dividing Americans and thereby weakening America–in order to gain more power and wealth for themselves.

It’s time that we heal as a nation, or we will no longer have a nation.

I believe, most Americans agree with me and want our nation to heal so that we can live in peace and strive for equal treatment and opportunity for all.

As for you Americans who believe that revolution is a viable solution to your grievances against the elite class, government, other ethnicities or religions et al.: 

Revolution is a means for sociopaths to gain more wealth and power–while you lose everything, including your life.

Ultimately even the sociopaths would gain nothing, because Hillary would allow the UN to step in and take away whatever wealth and power is left in post-revolutionary America.

If you hate America now, you’d really hate it then.
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