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Early Alzheimer’s symptoms are “the new normal”

August 26, 2016



Why are so many people in America and around the world so easily enraged?

Why are so many of us–from college professors to truck drivers–mixing up words and having “brain farts” or “senior moments”?

And why are our politicians and media pretending that this isn’t happening–as if symptoms of early Alzheimer’s comprise “the new normal,” even in 20-, 30- and 40-year-olds?

Even scarier is that enraged outbursts and “misspeaks” seem to be increasingly more prevalent and frequent in everyone, including our politicians, journalists, experts, CEOs, techies, etc.

So what can we do about this abnormal new normal?

First, we need to know what is causing millions (if not billions) of people to become easily enraged and to have symptoms of early Alzheimer’s.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on research to determine and alleviate the impact of pollution and pesticides on our environment, its plants, its creatures and us.

But based on little research and no long-term data, scientists have told us that it’s perfectly safe to expose everyone and everything–Earth–to billions of wireless data transmissions all day, every day.

Wireless data transmission” is “beaming power/lasers, radio or microwave transmissions or near-field using induction. Both methods utilize electromagnetism and magnetic fields” (see “wireless data transmission” in Wikipedia).

That doesn’t sound healthy to me.

I believe, our tech companies have been using us as lab rats for their wireless technology industry–which helps us and entertains us but may be hurting or even killing us.

We should demand to  know just how safe wireless technology is for everyone and everything on our planet.

Please help us all by telling your politicians to pass legislation that requires multinational and wireless technology corporations to fund randomly determined (unbiased) medical researchers to conduct double-blind studies on whether such massive amounts of data constantly moving through the air and bombarding our planet are benevolent.

Or are endangering us all.

Here are contact links to your federal politicians:

President Barack Obama

U.S. Representatives

U.S. Senators



*Too many rats in cages will eat one another, which is why we also need to do something about the world’s population, which is already at an unsustainable 7.2 billion people.

I believe, billions of people around the globe believe that their lives have little or no value.

And why should they? **

Each of us is merely 1 of 7,200,000,000 people who are repeatedly devalued by stressed-out people on a dying planet with politicians, corporations, media and activist groups vying for power and wealth and control of our future.

Our future.

We know that lower population numbers result in an increase in the value of individuals–as seen by how we try to protect threatened and endangered species of plants and animals.

So what would happen if you and me–and our friends and families and our teachers and our local leaders all over Earth–started a conversation about how we can promote negative population growth in order to . . .

  • reduce our global population,
  • heal our planet, and
  • regain the value of human life?

Or will we remain silent while our corrupt politicians, profit-centered corporations and activist media prepare us for another “new normal” world with 9.5 billion and then 15 billion people?


**Christians, such as myself, believe that only God gives us true value, because everything good comes from Him. Only the God of forgiveness, through Jesus, offers salvation and asks for nothing in return, except that we rely on and have faith in Him.

But most people on Earth aren’t Christians, and even Christians often are misunderstood, marginalized and oppressed even in America–and enslaved and slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa et al.

Leaders with large megaphones, such as activist-posing-as-CNN-journalist Fareed Zakaria ( ), teach their audiences and acolytes about the intolerance of the Bible’s Old Testament–while ignoring Jesus’ teachings in the four gospels of the New Testament:  love God, love people, help others, forgive everyone.

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