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How China Can Save the World or Destroy It

November 13, 2013

As China begins the next stage of its journey to top superpowerdom, it can help reverse the world’s destructive path of overpopulation, pollution, and depletion of natural resources.

Or China can do what its leaders are currently considering:  increase entitlements and remove its one-child policy in order to produce a new crop of young workers who’ll pay for the pensions and healthcare of others. . .

. . . and thereby repeat America‘s pyramid-scheme market and social systems, which require more and more jobs, workers, consumers, money, natural resources, etc.

China’s repeating America’s failures would be disastrous for the world, because . . .

  • Current capitalist, socialist, and communist models are unsustainable. They all require more.
  • Technology has reduced the need for more workers.
  • Overpopulation is a primary cause of pollution, depletion of natural resources, and human misery.
  • No green-energy plan can succeed long term if it fails to address the world’s escalating population growth (see footnote 1).

If China is to successfully lead the world in this century and the next, it must create new market and social models that will humanely reduce population and enhance quality of life so effectively that the world will want to emulate them.

Perhaps new market and social models could be based on quality, not quantity; i.e., models that ensure countries and quality of life are enhanced when they have fewer citizens, fewer workers, fewer consumers; less money; fewer natural resources; etc.

For example,  a new market model might reward innovation, conservation, benevolence, etc.–rather than rewarding commoditization, planned obsolescence, exploitation, laziness, addiction, deceit, corruption, selfish behavior, greed, etc.

A new social model might be one that promotes individual freedom; rewards personal responsibility, conservation, and benevolence; discourages behavior that burdens, harms, or exploits others and/or infringes on the rights and freedom of others; incrementally increases the tax and work burden of individuals who choose to have more than one child; increases the tax and work burden of bad parents; rewards good parenting; rewards individuals who choose to not procreate; rewards individuals who adopt children; etc.

If the world’s top superpower fails to create new market and social models, then the coming decades and next century  will have 15 or 30 or 60 or 120 billion Earthans fighting over dwindling natural resources.

Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness can’t exist when billions of people are slaughtering each other for a precious sip of water.

China, the world is depending on you to create new market and social models–not repeat America’s mistakes.

I wish, my beloved America could be the country that creates new market and social models that can save the world from its destructive path of overpopulation.

But America’s leaders can’t even save America.

America’s leaders are incompetent or are only interested in helping themselves, their rich cronies, and/or groups that look, act, or think like themselves.


Footnote 1:

Even if some of us don’t believe that human behavior impacts the climate, perhaps most of us can agree:

  • If we trash our home, eventually it’ll be filled with garbage, and it won’t be fit to live in.
  • The more people there are to trash our home, the sooner our home will be filled with garbage; the harder we must work to feed and care for everyone; and the sooner we’ll run out of food, water, and other natural resources.
  • Even if we all became rabid environmentalists who kept our home in pristine condition, unchecked population growth would ultimately exhaust our natural resources.
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