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Obama vs. Romney: Roe vs. Wade, Abortion, Contraception, Equal Pay, and Immigration Reform

October 28, 2012

As a socially liberal, fiscally conservative female who isn’t wedded to any political party, I believe, it’s important for us to compare both candidates’ positions on social issues (see below for Roe vs. Wade, abortion, contraception, equal pay, and immigration reform) and to know President Obama’s second-term agenda and his foreign policy failures.

Unfortunately, most of us only know the lies told in bash-Romney ads and then reported as fact by talking heads, reporters, and news anchors on CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc., because the mainstream media have ignored completely or failed to accurately report President Obama’s record on social issues, his second-term agenda, and his foreign policy failures.

In fact, our mainstream media have acted like Obama’s PR team rather than as reporters we’ve entrusted to expose incompetence and corruption in society and government (see “Media Help Dysfunctional Government Become Dangerous,” ).

No wonder America is such a mess.

During the RNC Convention, CNN even stooped so low as to show no convention speeches before the prime-time hour.  Instead, CNN showed entire songs performed by musicians interspersed with interviews of politicians and political analysts, clips of the ROMNEY REVEALED hit piece, and images of Hurricane Isaac.

CNN made the RNC Convention appear as if “white people were partying while black people drowned”  (see )  instead showing clips of its , interviews with talking heads and politicians.

The mainstream media got away with such dishonesty, because their dishonesty was parroted by local news outlets and the cheap cable TV packages include only Left voices such as CNN and Bloomberg TV.  None of the cheapest cable TV packages include Fox News.

The dishonesty of our mainstream media and myriad campaign ads ensured that most Americans don’t know:

  • Romney worked for free as governor, Olympic chair, and Mormon bishop.
  • He gave away his entire inheritance.
  • He donates millions to charity every year, so his federal tax rate combined with his charitable giving equals 30% or more every year.  This excludes his local and state taxes.
  • Dishonest Obama ads blame Romney for events that occurred after he left Bain in February 1999 to chair the Olympics.
  • President Obama’s big donor/bundler Jonathan Lavine ran Bain after Romney left.
  • Romney chose to leave Bain to serve America–rather than to become a billionaire or multi-billionaire like Obama’s buddies who got bailouts and special tax write-offs.
  • Romney’s investments are in a blind trust, so he doesn’t actively invest in China or anywhere else.  Furthermore, anyone who has a 401K likely has an investment in a Chinese company.  President Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have such investments–although that didn’t prevent them from hypocritically bashing Romney.
  • The media folks who called Romney a “moderate” and a “liberal” during the Republican primary are the same folks who now call him a “radical right-winged conservative.”

Rather than run on his record of failures, President Obama decided that he must destroy the reputation of Mitt Romney in hopes voters would stay home or vote for anyone but Romney.

Yes, President Obama promises he’ll do better, but in 236 years of U.S. history, no President has ever had a better second term than first term ( ).

And there is less room for error now than in 2009, because we have far more debt ($16.2 trillion), the world still hasn’t forgiven us for the global Great Recession, and President Obama’s policies have put our intel at risk and have made the Middle East, Africa, and Asia more dangerous.

President Obama has struggled with our economy even though the recession ended in June 2009.  With our economy heading back into recession, Obama’s second-term agenda will be disastrous for our economy and our national security .

I believe, Mitt Romney is the best candidate to unite our country and our Congress, to fix our economy, and to repair relationships with our allies and form relationships with future allies.

I believe, you’ll agree with me if you’ll take time to learn both candidates’ positions on social issues as well as Obama’s second-term agenda and his foreign-policy failures (see  ).


Overturning Roe vs. Wade would not make abortion illegal, but it would . . .

. . . remove the abortion issue from the national stage, so that dishonest politicians can’t use Roe vs. Wade to manipulate and scare naive women into voting for them–as they’ve done for the past 39 years; and

. . . return the issue to the states, where the vast majority of states would vote to keep abortion legal.

Conservatives are divided in their opinions on abortion, but they almost universally agree that the Supreme Court was wrong to violate the 10th Amendment (states’ rights) in Roe vs. Wade.

Letting states decide whether to fund abortion would enable Americans who oppose abortion to live in (or move to) a state where their tax dollars won’t be used to fund abortions.

If Roe vs. Wade was overturned, dishonest politicians unfortunately would still be able to scare naive women into believing that conservatives would pass a Constitutional Amendment banning abortion.  However, such a constitutional amendment is an impossibility, because it would require three-fourths of our states to ratify an amendment within a set time period, and most Americans want abortion to be safe, rare, and legal.

President Obama is one of the politicians who uses Roe vs. Wade and the threat of a constitutional amendment to scare naive women into voting for him.

Governor Romney would like to see the abortion issue returned to the states, so that unscrupulous politicians can’t use the abortion issue to manipulate and scare voters.


Only 20% of Americans support President Obama’s position on abortion; however, few voters know that, because our media don’t report it when they’re slamming Mitt Romney’s position.

President Obama supports taxpayer-funded abortions for any reason–even for sex selection–up to and including the last day of the last month of pregnancy.  He voted three times as an Illinois senator for “let ‘em die if born alive” for fetuses not killed by the abortion procedure.

The Democratic Party used to believe, abortions should be safe, legal, and rare.  That’s the position most Americans and I share.

Governor Romney is pro-life; (i.e., he doesn’t support abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mothers).

Romney believes that using federal tax dollars to fund abortion violates the religious beliefs and First Amendment rights of many Americans of faith.

That’s also why he doesn’t support federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

But Romney does support low-cost clinics which provide all of the same women’s services (excluding abortion) as Planned Parenthood does

Governor Romney knows what us poor folks have known for years

  • low-cost clinics charge less for services than Planned Parenthood charges, and
  • low-cost clinics don’t exclude medical treatment for men and our children.


President Obama believes contraception should be easily accessible to all women and should be paid for by insurance companies, even by self-insured religious organizations whose tenets are violated by being forced to provide contraceptives.

The President finds no inconsistencies in his disrespecting the tenets of some Christian religions and his respecting the tenets of Islam.

By making contraception an issue during an election year, the President’s motivations are suspect–akin to his blocking Senator Marco Rubio’s bipartisan bill for a permanent Dream Act:  To score political points, the President used an executive order to provide temporary status for the children of undocumented residents.

Governor Romney believes contraceptives should be safe, legal, and easily accessible to all women and men.

He does not believe, Obamacare or anything else should be allowed to violate our First Amendment rights.


President Obama says that he supports equal pay for women and men, but he paid White House women 18% less than men, violating the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and his own legislation, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 (from ).

President Obama’s White House and Congress have been labeled by women as hostile work environments (see  and ).

Governor Romney supports equal-pay rights for everyone.

Unlike some politicians, Mitt Romney lives what he believes.   That’s why, when he became  Governor of Massachusetts and he saw that almost all of the applicants were males, he sought out “binders full of women [resumes]” to ensure that his cabinet and senior staff were representative of our population.

As CEO of Bain, Mitt Romney invested in Bright Horizons, an onsite daycare provider for companies and an early-childhood development and education provider, to ensure its success–even though it lost money for its first five years.

Governor Romney believes, we should all be able to ensure our children are well-cared for while we work.  He also believes, flextime benefits employers and employees.  He wants us to be successful in all aspects of our lives.  Another way he wants to help ensure our financial futures is to implement a zero tax rate on dividends, capital gains, and interest from savings for those of us who earn less than $200,000/year.  He also doesn’t think we should have to pay a death tax, which would force us to sell our family home or business to pay the government on what’s already been taxed.

Please take the time to watch the videos of two women who’ve worked closely with Governor Romney and know up-close-and-personal how he treats women:

One video is of  a liberal Democrat, Jane Edmonds, Governor Romney’s Former Secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development:

The other video is of Romney’s Lt. Governor Kerry Healey:

Note on equal pay: President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which made gender-based wage discrimination illegal. 

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, signed by President Obama in 2009, allows an employee to bring a pay-discrimination lawsuit against a company long after the offending manager has retired or died, so that the company is “unable to offer any meaningful defense to the claim” (from  ). 

Imagine if you bought a business and then were sued for pay discrimination by an employee who’d worked there years before you bought the company.  Imagine how your reputation and the reputation of your business would be tarnished because of no fault of your own.  As a woman, I wouldn’t give you my business, because you wouldn’t be able to explain the situation clearly in a soundbite.  Plus, your explanation wouldn’t make a good story for the left-leaning media, so it’d be silenced.  (For those who say that won’t happen, please look at myriad lawsuits against banks that bought failed banks (e.g., Bank of America has been repeatedly sued for what Countrywide executives and employees did before BOA bought Countrywide).

However, I believe, pay disparity between men and women is very real as is pay disparity among different ethnic groups.  In 2009, women earned 77% of what their male counterparts made; and in 2000, in 73.7% (from  ; ). 

Unfortunately,  there are so many factors coming into play that no one has accurately determined pay disparity [e.g., education, experience, job performance (e.g., skill level, attitude, ability to meet deadlines, ability to work unsupervised), part-time versus full-time, years worked with versus without interruptions, and the ethnicities of employees and supervisors (i.e., the pay disparity in some cases may be due to racism rather than to gender discrimination)]. 

Rather than funding research on drug-stoned monkeys or for China’s green energy, our government perhaps should fund a long-term study to determine the true wage gaps between genders and among minorities and what can be done to close the gaps.


President Obama promised immigration reform–but he failed to even offer any legislation, despite having a Democrat-controlled House and Senate for two years (actually four years when including the Bush era: 2007-11, because Bush was a strong supporter of immigration reform).

Furthermore, President Obama’s Congress was filibuster-proof for more than six months.  During that time, the President and Democrats could have passed any bills that they wanted.

He did not submit long-term immigration reform, because he was unwilling to risk his re-election, knowing the majority of Americans don’t support amnesty.

Instead, President Obama did an end-run around Congress to create an executive order for a temporary Dream Act, something most Americans support.

Rather than helping the children of undocumented workers, President Obama’s temporary Dream Act hurt them, because it blocked Senator Marco Rubio’s bipartisan bill for a permanent Dream Act.

Democrats have played Latinos for years, promising immigration reform, stringing them along, and then throwing them a tiny bone before an election.  It’s unconscionable that President Obama promised Latinos he’d reform immigration, but then failed to even submit the legislation for it.

Note: President Obama hurt us all by usurping Congress, violating the separation of powers, and failing to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.

By using executive orders, illegal funding schemes, and czars who answer to only the President, President Obama repeatedly has helped pave the way for future Presidents to violate our Constitution and erode our civil liberties–ultimately paving the way for a dictator.

For example,  the NDAA that President Obama signed into law stems from the right-to-privacy end-runs that President Clinton made after the WTC bombing in 1993 and President Bush made after 9/11.  The NDAA allows our government to detain us indefinitely without charging us with a crime much less giving us a trial ( ).

Some examples of President Obama’s doing end-runs around Congress: ; anti-consumer, anti-safety auto regulations Obama got in exchange for bailing out GM and Chrysler ).

Governor Romney has promised immigration reform in his first year.  This is a guy who only makes promises that he intends to keep.  As governor, he kept a checklist of campaign promises to ensure he fulfilled them.

If you take the time to research Romney’s record, you’ll find that he’s one of the rare good guys who still believes, keeping his promises matters.

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