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Kicked-to-the-curb Patriots, America and Trump fight to win

My heart felt like a civil war tonight during the Falcons-Patriot game (see footnote 1).

My baby brother Stevie loved the Atlanta Falcons.

Stevie was murdered at age 25 in 1986, a few years after our only other brother, David, was killed at age 20 in a semi accident.

In today’s America, Stevie would be labeled a racist, because he was white, male and born after a certain year (footnote 2)

Yet today’s America would be wrong:

Stevie is the only person I know who gave his entire Christmas to Ethiopia whose people were starving in 1983-85.

And Stevie, like the rest of our family, chose who he loved based on character rather than economic class, religion, skin color et al.

Despite my love for Stevie who fiercely loved the Falcons, I rooted for the Patriots tonight, because I worried the Falcons would refuse to go to the White House to be congratulated by President Trump.

I chose country over team and even dead brother.

And a part of me believes, Stevie would have rooted for the Patriots tonight, because–like President Trump–Stevie always put America first and tended to root for underdogs.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Father God that the Patriots won (a win that’s unbelievable to those who don’t believe).

When the Patriot’s had only three points to the Falcons’ 21, my husband and many sports experts counted the Patriots out.

But I said to my husband, God hasn’t given up on America.

I believed, a Patriot win would symbolize President Trump’s win, because the owner and quarterback, Robert Kraft and Tom Brady, are friends of Trump’s.  The Patriots would graciously meet with President Trump.

Both Trump and the Patriots were prematurely counted out.

I believe, if the Patriots had lost, the media would have been nasty and turned the loss into a bad omen for the Trump presidency.

Well, the Patriots won. Bigly.

What do you say about that, Trump haters?

Maybe it’s time to give Trump a chance–just as tens of millions of John McCain and Mitt  Romney voters gave President Obama a chance and even prayed for him and pray for him even today.

It’s well past time that everyone in America start acting like Patriots rather than sore losers.

Our lives all depend on a united, strong America.

Footnote 1.  America is in jeopardy:  We’ve millions of Americans who’ve been taught by our “progressive” educators to hate America rather than to be proud of our country.

And we’ve immigrated millions of people who haven’t assimilated and still put their home country before America.

We are $20 trillion in debt and have $150-200 trillion in future entitlement obligations and have immigrated so many people so fast that even our “enlightened” universities now admit more foreign minorities than they do American minorities, because foreigners will pay more in tuition, more than 80% of H-1B visas go to tech workers from India, and rarely does anyone challenge new immigrant business owners who hire all or almost-all workers who share their ethnicity and/or religion.

No one even asks how more than 50% of small business owners are Hispanic/Latinos and 25% are owned by Blacks, and yet whites, Asians and Native Americans own only 23%.

Footnote 2.  Increasingly, just being white is enough for haters to stereotype one as being entitled and racist.



Anti-Trump protesters strengthen anti-Americanism and ISIS

Alexander Hamilton et al. said, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

And Americans fell hard for Barack Obama, despite his anti-Americanism.

Until age 10, Barack Obama lived in Indonesia–which hated America for enabling the 1965-66 coup in which one million communists were killed.  I know firsthand the loyalty one feels towards the country of early childhood, even if it’s not the country of birth.

Obama was raised a communist.  And later, he taught critical race theory, which promotes the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution because it was written by slave owners.

But no Americans cared about Obama’s anti-America past, because Democrats wanted to win back the presidency.

And our press, Hollywood elites and most Americans–including myself–longed for the first Black U.S. President (and first female U.S. President).

But Barack Obama had managed NOTHING prior to becoming President.  He was unprepared to be President.

That’s why I could not in good conscience vote for Obama in 2008.  His lack of experience disqualified him.

I believed if I did vote for Obama, I was a racist, because I would be treating him as lesser.

Only a racist or someone who’d bought into the Democrats’ myth of white-entitled America would have voted for someone so woefully unprepared to be President.

And Progressives & Hollywood elites didn’t care about Obama’s anti-other and anti-Other religion:  Islam.

If you believe the Quran is a religion of peace, then you haven’t read the Quran, which bullies non-Muslims into bowing to Islam; otherwise, Islamists will slaughter them.

Islamists teach their followers to lie about their faith in order to lure non-believers into a false sense of safety.  That practice is called “taqiyya” or “taqiya.”

Jesus taught the opposite:  To denounce your faith is to doom yourself after this life.


Jesus taught, love Father God, love people, help others and forgive everyone.

Conversely, the religion so fiercely protected by Obama and Hollywood elites is oppressive if not deadly almost everywhere on the planet.

Islamists oppress women; whip, stone or cut off the hands of thieves; imprison or kill adulterers and gays; and oppress, imprison or slaughter non-Islamists.

Islamists hate the other, the different.  And yet Hollywood and Progressives protect Islamists.

Hollywood and Progressives teach us to embrace Islamists as well as seditionists and treasonous anti-Americans.

Why?  Why would anyone who believes in freedom turn a blind eye to the oppressive, other-hating Islamists?

And why would anti-Trump protesters side with people who hate America?

Anti-Trump protesters are enabling anarchists, nihilists, Islamists and ISIS–who want to destroy the other or the Other in order to fulfill their sociopathic need to kill something, anything, everything.

Foolish protesters don’t seem to realize how close our deeply divided America is to becoming the next Aleppo.

Do the anti-Trump protesters want that?  Do they truly want to turn America into Aleppo?

Or are the majority of protesters ignorant of how dangerous a situation America finds itself post-Bush and Obama–our two worst Presidents in modern U.S. history?

Whatever your sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation et al., please research original sources in order to learn the facts on important issues.

And please learn to think for yourselves.

And never forget:  The U.S.A. is $20 trillion in debt and, pre-Obamacare, had $150-200 trillion in unfunded entitlement obligations.

Most countries don’t care if your country goes bankrupt or you die.

Many countries hate you for something done to them decades or hundreds of years ago.

Unlike America, most countries don’t demean their citizens for being proud of their country.

Unlike America, most countries protect their citizens, jobs, borders.

Please ask yourselves, why weren’t President Obama and Hillary Clinton denounced for paying women less than men?

Ask yourselves, if we live in an “elitist-white” society, then why do Latinos own more than 50% of the small businesses, African-Americans own 25% of the small businesses, and less than 25% of small businesses are owned by Asians, native Americans, and whites combined?

Ask everyone who is white and poor or lower-middle class whether they’re privileged.

They’ll tell you that’s another Democratic Party myth–as is the myth that all people who vote Republican are white, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-government racists.

And why has “cracker” (i.e., a rapist, pedophile, murderer racist according to the film ROSEWOOD) been considered acceptable usage by everyone from politicians to reporters and comedians to  professors and President Obama himself?

Then ask yourself, who are the racists?

Who are the privileged?

And why would anyone encourage anti-Americanism (i.e., national suicide)?

Welcome to the party, pal Hillary

“Failed presidential candidate”*  Hillary Clinton suddenly realized that fake news gets U.S. Presidents elected.

Welcome to the party, pal.**

The Left has been using fake information to “educate” its low-information voters*** for years.

Fake news “I can see Russia from my house” helped destroy the reputation of Sarah Palin who, before she became the first female VP GOP nominee, had been the most popular governor in America and the only governor in Alaska’s history to stand up to Big Oil and root out the corruption of Alaska’s good-old-boy system.  See footnote **** for more examples.

Now that you’re at the party, Hillary, let’s clue you in on something else:

Even worse than fake news is having news producers and reporters coordinate with one another in order to bash the GOP candidate and ask gotcha questions–while ignoring every good thing about the candidate–on all network and cable news (sans Fox) .

Even worse than having the press coordinate its attacks against every “not their pick”  candidate is having NBC employees bury the Trump tape for 11 years and have the liberal press disqualify all but two presidential candidates in order to ensure that Hillary and Trump would be the presidential nominees–rather than Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz or . . .

If Hillary and her campaign manager, Robbie Mook, hadn’t called Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables,” then NBC employees’ leaking the Trump tape one month before the election would have given her the win.

But Hillary’s campaign and our esteemed press and even our entertainment industry had a backup plan:  Leak the most horrific thing possible about Trump: label him a child rapist.

For example, Law and Order had a Donald Trump-like character accused of child rape [ see ].

And one week before the election,  CNBC’s Squawk Box anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin repeatedly mentioned on air that Trump had been accused of raping a child.

One day before Election Day, Sorkin took a few seconds to retract the claim and apologize.

When politicians and their campaign and even comedians do low-blows, it’s called “dirty tricks.”

But when our supposed bearers of truth–our press–gets in the gutter, it’s called corruption.

I believe, Father God gave us a miracle: ensured that the Democrats’ manipulated choice for the GOP won–despite the billions of dollars of crime-victim-fine money that the Obama government had funneled to the pro-Democratic Party activist, get-out-the-vote groups since 2009, despite so many states corrupting our election process by not requiring ID to vote, and despite the years of good citizens reporting that Democratic Party activists had registered people to vote–without requiring ID–and had even registered illegal immigrants to vote and yet no one at the voter registrar’s offices cared, so our media can report that there’s zero proof of widespread voter fraud.  The press helps out by not widely reporting voter fraud.

Drain the swamp?

Let’s start with ensuring that every voter is an American citizen.

And let’s drain the swamp of our “esteemed” press, which has continued to relentlessly bash Trump–while now subtly pushing for the Electoral College to elect Hillary and to get Americans to agree to ban the Electoral College.

Press and Democrats might want to consider what will happen when they destroy small-town America and move everyone into the cities in order to create their vision of a “sustainable” America.*****

A dirt-cheap-to-buy middle America is what billionaires, corporations, sovereign wealth funds and foreign governments want for corporate farming, solar and wind farms, mining, fracking et al.

Everyone being in cities will make it far easier for a totalitarian government or foreign invasion to control and kill the citizenry.

In my experience, whenever different factions have the same agenda but for different reasons, us little guys get screwed, and America is irrevocably harmed if not endangered.

*Quid pro quo:  “Failed presidential candidate” is the phrase yellow-journalism NBC News used this week to describe Dr. Ben Carson after President-elect Donald J. Trump nominated him for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

**Quoting protagonist John McClane in the film Die Hard.

***Low-information voters tend to be students and working folks who are too busy to spend a lot of time fact-checking our liberal-biased press and entertainment industry as well as lower-income folks who can’t afford computers, tablets or fancy cell phones much less internet or cell service.

****Presidential nominee John McCain in 2008 was denigrated  by the Obama campaign and the press as dangerously emotionally unstable because of his nearly six years as a POW in Vietnam.

Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was painted by comedians and the press as a mean-spirited, heartless robot by comedians and press which ignored his decades of good works and managerial success.

President George W. Bush was belittled by comedians and the press as a Bible-thumping, unintelligent, racist, good-old-boy.

President Ronald Regan was disparaged by comedians and the press as an ignorant, bigoted actor with dementia.

I don’t need to repeat all the garbage said about Trump while Hillary was lauded by pro-Hillary shows such as Madame Secretary and every sitcom, entertainer, reporter, news anchor and even some of the GOP leadership.

*****Everyone who pushes for sustainability and pro-environment changes are consumption-greed-driven frauds if they ignore that the number one problem with our environment:  an unsustainable 7.3 billion people, which will be 15 billion if we don’t do something now to address this critical issue.

If I were writing a film rather than a blog, I’d say that our greedy politicians and corporate leaders want more and more consumers–until they figure out a plan to be off-planet when a rogue government or terrorists deploy a bunch of neutron bombs to get rid of the masses.  Then the wealthy people will return to Earth and start over.

All-about-me Colin Kaepernick refuses to save lives by teaching “comply or die”

Colin Kaepernick pisses me off, because he fails to be proactive and actually save lives–by helping educate all Americans to follow police officers’ instructions whenever interacting with them.

In the vast majority of the shootings by police officers, the individuals who were shot failed to comply with the police officers’ instructions.

They failed to comply, so they died.

In at least one instance, the individual complied, but then his subsequent actions made the police officer feel unsafe.

For example, Philandro Castile was shot in July 2016, because he didn’t put his hands on the steering wheel and keep them in plain view and unmoving before, during and after he told police officer Jeronimo Yanez that he had a gun permit-to-carry and gun in the car.

You never, ever tell a police officer that you have a weapon, and then move your hands, arms, feet or anything else.

Always assume that police officers can’t read your mind, and you can’t read theirs.

Keep your hands unmoving and in plain view until he or she says you can move them.

Your job is to make that police officers feel safe.

Your job is to get home safely to your family.


And if you don’t like how police officers treat you or their job, then you should file a formal complaint against them.

At some point, bad or poorly trained cops become better cops or are fired.

Please also keep in mind that adrenaline affects perception, actions and memory.  There should be more research on how adrenaline affects our police officers, our military, victims, witnesses and criminals.

I believe, adrenaline should be a mitigating factor in some circumstances and should be taken into consideration, especially when determining guilt or innocence of police officers and our military–but not for criminals because they chose to put themselves in that stressful situation.

Most cops are good people doing a really tough job.  I believe, we should go out of our way to be friendly and to thank them for their service.

But we should always assume that we look like a threat:  Until police officers have had time to assess whether we’re a safety risk,  we should keep our hands in plain view, and we should never make any sudden movements.

BAD COP EXAMPLE:  For months, my son was harassed by a really bad cop for months after he and his friends filed complaints against the officer for mistreating a student after a school dance that ended around 11 p.m.

The police officer wouldn’t let the student ride home with his girlfriend’s mother or with my son. It was dark, wet, cold, and the officer made the boy walk the two miles home down a dark, unlit road that had no sidewalk and no shoulder.

After my son and his friends filed their complaints, the bad cop would sit in his police car outside our house and smoke cigarettes.  He’d even shine his spotlight into our windows, especially my son’s bedroom window.

Far worse, the bad cop repeatedly did felony stops on my son, making my son and all passengers exit my son’s car at gunpoint and lie facedown on the ground while the cop searched them and the car.

This situation went on for months.  It was a terrifying.  We filed five complaints.

But because my son and I are white, no one gave a damn–especially not the bad cop’s chain of command and the press.

My son finally had to move in with a friend who lived in another town, where he finished his senior year and graduated.

A few years later, that bad cop finally messed with the wrong person, and he was fired.

But how many people’s futures did he damage or derail before he was fired?

BAD COP EXAMPLE: At about 3 a.m. as I was driving home after grocery shopping at Walmart, three cop cars came roaring up and swarmed my car:  one car in back, one on my driver’s side, and one in front.

The police car in front of my car was too close, so I had to safely slow down while risking the ire of the cop who was tailgating me.

Apparently, the cops were having a bit of fun, or they were trying to create probably cause in order to stop me.

After several miles, the cop cars roared away, leaving me alone and a bit shaken.

It wasn’t the first time I’d had police officers do that.  But it was the first time I’d had three do that.

I’m still an insomniac, but I no longer do my grocery shopping in the wee hours of the morning when I’ve given up on sleep.

GOOD COP EXAMPLE:  I was driving on a highway at night when my electrical system went out, which turned off my headlights and engine.

A police car’s siren and flashing lights came on behind me as soon as my headlights went out.

There was a guard rail and no pull-off area, so I let my car coast until I could pull safely off the road.

I knew, my electric window wouldn’t open, so I worried that I’d have to move my right hand from plain view in order to open the car door and hand my registration to the officer.

And my purse was in the trunk, so I’d have to exit the car to get my ID for him.

I decided my safest option was to open my car door before the police officer exited his car–something that ordinarily would be the most unsafe option.

Therefore, as soon as I got my car stopped, I opened my car door, put both of my hands outside the wide-open car door and kept them unmoving and in plain view.

Concerned if not downright scared, the police officer scrambled out of his police car while asking what the hell I was doing.

But he calmed down as soon as he saw that my hands were in plain view and unmoving, and he heard me yell, “my car’s electrical system went out.”

I also told him that I’d opened my car door, because I couldn’t roll down my window.

As he shone his flashlight over me and the inside my car and determined whether I was a threat, I kept my hands still and in plain view and followed all of his commands.

The officer was lovely:  He ensured that my engine wasn’t on fire, he acted as if women always kept their purses in the trunks of their car, and he was patient as I dug through my  purse for my wallet and driver’s license.

And he even gave me a ride to a gas station, where I could safely wait for my ride home.

But I know, the outcome could have been far different if I’d made any sudden movements or failed to follow his commands.

Even good cops want to get home safely to their families.

Anti-USA protesters are funded with CRIME VICTIMS’ MONEY

Democrats not only have the press in their pocket, but since 2009, they’ve gotten billions of dollars that should have gone to crime victims or the U.S. Treasury.

Those billions of dollars have given the far-Left a huge advantage over every other group, elevating their voice while marginalizing other voices.

Those billions of dollars explain why Democrats are so great at organizing protesters, getting out the vote and getting busloads of voters to the polls.

And those billions explain how Democrats are so successful at getting vote-with-no-ID laws passed in order to “protect” voter rights–while “by any means necessary” activists are entrusted to register “eligible” voters.

The Obama government takes money that actually belongs to crime victims or to the U.S. Treasury and gives it to activist groups whose members traditionally vote for Democrats and help get Democrat voters to the polls.

Some of the activist groups even have government employees and/or Democratic operatives on their boards.

During Obama’s presidency, several government agencies are known to have funneled money to activist groups that traditionally help get Democrats elected:

The Democrats’ activist groups that have received crime-victims’ money include

If Hillary Clinton had been elected U.S. President, we would have had zero chance of ever having a third-party candidate to break up the Blame Game politicians.

HR 5063  — 114th Congress: Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act of 2016 was passed on September 7, 2016, to stop the fraudulent use of crime victims’ money to fund far-Left groups whose issues often put other countries’ interests over America’s and Americans.

Tell the U.S. Senate to pass HR 5063 so crime victims’ money goes to victims or the U.S. Treasury–rather than to helping the Democratic Party promote its anti-America, put Americans-last agenda:


“Esteemed” press, please educate the protesters about just a few of Hillary Clinton’s failures as Secretary of State:

(1) Hillary Clinton violated two U.S. laws when she failed to provide adequate security for her employees in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012–which should have gotten her fired as Secretary of State and charged with reckless endangerment or involuntary manslaughter by the Department of Justice, based on the executive-accountability guidelines set forth by Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, MA) and Rep. Gregory Meeks (D, NY). ; see 0:35 )v=sOBmn0xU7wY  ; see 1:07 & 2:09

Adding insult to injury, when Hillary testified before Congress in January 2013, she said that she couldn’t be expected to keep track of the safety for all 65,000 State Department employees–even though, by law, that was her responsibility as Secretary of State, and the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi was 1 of only 14 most-dangerous U.S. diplomatic outposts in the world.

(2) Hillary’s private email server, national security breaches, subsequent cover up and obstruction of justice should have put her in prison and made her ineligible to obtain the national security clearance necessary to fulfill the job as U.S. President, based on the executive-accountability guidelines set forth by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Gregory Meeks  in late September 2016 (i.e., she sent classified material on her unsecure, private email server; when Congress issued subpoenas, she had her staff delete emails and had her IT department start deleting all emails older than 60 days). See 4:43 @

(3) Hillary’s short-sighted, reckless judgment helped destabilize the entire Middle East, Northern Africa and Mali, and the European Union (i.e., Hillary convinced President Obama to overthrow of Libya’s President, Muammar Gaddafi, which resulted in Gaddafi’s unsecured weapons being stolen and used to arm terrorists; she supported the overthrow of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, which has resulted in countless deaths and in a humanitarian crisis that has destabilized several Middle Eastern countries and the entire EU; she helped arm Syrian rebels whose weapons were stolen by al Qaeda and ISIS).


Note: Before rebels destroyed Syria, Bashar al-Assad had a green-energy plan to break free of Middle Eastern oil.  I believe it was 2010 when I read it al Assad’s green-energy plan.  At the time, I thought he was a visionary.

(4) Hillary supported and negotiated the treaty with Iran, which has resulted in the Obama Administration’s returning $1.7 billion to Iran–enough money to buy Iran 17 nukes.  The treaty provides for the return of $150 billion to Iran.

After sanctions were lifted, Iran has been able to sell 3.6 million barrels of oil daily–helping crush U.S. oil companies that were already on the verge of bankruptcy because of the glut of oil and natural gas.

Dozens of U.S. oil companies have gone bankrupt, and millions of acres of fossil-fuel and green-energy assets in America have been bought by sovereign wealth funds via U.S. hedge funds, foreign government-owned companies and their partners.

The oil glut and resulting cheap energy have also stressed and further destabilized Middle Eastern countries with economies that are heavily dependent on oil..

(5) Hillary and Bill Clinton used her State Department clout and employees to turn the Clinton Foundation into a multibillion-dollar charity funded by the world’s elite that expect quid pro quo, and funded by foreign governments that are hostile to women and deadly to GLBTQ.

(6) Hillary’s incompetent oversight of the State Department allowed her employees and Bill Clinton to use the clout of the State Department to create one of the most powerful fixers in the world: Teneo Holdings.

(7) Hillary will not hold Wall Street accountable, because her closest advisers are Goldman Sachs alumni, her daughter who used to work for a hedge fund, and her former-Goldman Sachs-employee son-in-law who now co-owns hedge fund Eaglevale Partners which has been repeatedly helped and bailed out by Goldman Sachs managers since Eaglevale’s inception.

(8) Hillary was in the White House Situation Room to get the glory for killing Osama bin Laden, but when her employees in Benghazi were under attack on September 11, 2012, Hillary fled for home in order to give herself plausible deniability and protect her political career.

If Hillary had been in the Situation Room, she could have informed State Department employees–who were telling the Benghazi annex’s U.S. security team of  highly trained former Navy SEALS to stand down and to leave the rescue of her employees up to Libya’s poorly trained militia which had NEVER responded to State Department’s requests for help prior to September 11, 2012.

(9) Hillary will continue the Bush-Clinton plan to redistribute U.S. power and wealth to the world, ultimately enabling corporations via the United Nations to create one global currency and one set of global regulations that will benefit corporate profits and will rule our lives.

Can you afford another President who thinks America should continue to subsidize even rich countries’ healthcare and medicine?

Can your children afford another President who thinks universities should continue raising costs so they can give most of the slots to the world’s elite rather than to America’s brightest?

(10) Hillary has repeatedly labeled the “Gold Star” families of heroes killed in Benghazi as delusional and liars after they revealed that she’d lied to them about how and why their loved ones were killed.

That’s why HRC, her campaign and our dishonest press lied and said that Trump had “viciously attacked” a Gold Star family.

HRC campaign exploited the Mr. and Mrs. Kahizr Khan and used them to set up Trump.
HRC needed voters to believe it was Trump–not her–had slimed a Gold Star family. Preferably on video.
It was a typical Clinton Machine hit job.  A lose-lose situation for Trump.
If Trump had refused to comment on what Mr. Khan said, the HRC campaign would have still accused Trump of attacking the Khans.
Mr. Khan’s DNC speech  viciously attacked Trump: He asked if Trump had even read the U.S. Constitution and said that Trump had “sacrificed nothing and no one.”
If Mr. Kahn had listened to Trump rather than to what the press and negative ads said about Trump, Mr. Kahn would have known that Trump’s putting America’s safety first should not discourage any pro-America immigrants who respect individual freedom the from coming to America legally.
When Bill Clinton’s former press secretary, George Stephanopoulos, asked Trump about
Mr. Khan’s words, a subdued Trump said Mr. Khan was “very emotional,” “a nice guy” and “I wish him the best of luck.”
His wife “had nothing to say,” “maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say . . . she was extremely quiet . . . a lot of people have said that.”
That was Trump’s being un-PC and starting the discussion all Americans should be having:  Is America a stronger, freer country if we allow millions of immigrants from religious sects or anti-American countries that oppress women, kill adulterers and kill LGBTQ?
Since Stephanopoulos was Bill Clinton’s former press secretary, we have no way of knowing what Trump actually said or meant, because the Clinton Machine would have ensured the worse-possible editing job on Trump’s words.
Trump had nothing to do with the death of the Khans’ son, Captain Humayun Kahn.
If the Khan’s wanted to bash someone, it should have been President Bush for getting us into Iraq, and President Obama for losing the peace and wasting U.S. blood and treasure–including the Khan’s son.
Pay to Play
The Clintons, who left the White House “dead broke,” have accumulated at least $300 million for themselves since 2001 as well as billions for their Clinton Foundation and more billions for their wealthy buddies and their buddies’ buddies since 2009.
They’ve accepted money from everyone imaginable.
One example of the Clinton corruption is the unholy alliance between HRC’s State Department, the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, which was founded in 2011 by State Department employees Doug Band and PR expert Deklan Kelly.
Irish-born Kelly was appointed by HRC as special envoy to tax-haven Ireland in 2009.
The envoy position had been empty since Bill was President, but HRC got special permission to appoint Kelly to that post.
While millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs, one of HRC’s priority was to get Kelly to help U.S. companies invest and create good jobs and monitoring programs in tax-have Ireland.
HRC’s plan to “globalize” U.S. wealth and jobs to tax-have Ireland has been a huge success.
Apple, for example, has 6,000 jobs in Ireland and, until outed by the EU, paid a tax rate of less than 1%.
As HRC’s special envoy to Ireland, Kelly took no salary, and he hired several employees that he paid out-of-pocket and who told potential clients that they worked for the State Department when they actually worked for Kelly.
Because Kelly’s employees didn’t work for the State Department, they weren’t obligated to report how many billions of dollars and how many good jobs and mentoring programs that they convinced U.S. corporations to move to Ireland.
While working for the State Department, Kelly and Band established Teneo Holdings. They left in 2011 to run Teneo, which in a few short years has become one of the  most powerful fixers in the world and has an executive team and client list that would make even Goldman Sachs jealous.
I personally hope that the FBI will or is doing an honest investigation to see whether Secretary of State HRC approved the sale or off-shoring of U.S. corporations or U.S. energy and mineral assets to foreign companies, foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds in exchange for political favors or money.
We know that, while HRC was Secretary of State, in 2010, China’s state-owned oil company made its first-ever purchase of U.S. energy assets from Chesapeake Energy.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved and sale as did the Democratic Party-controlled U.S. House and Senate and President Obama approved the sale in 2010.
In 2005, GOP-led U.S. House and Senate blocked China’s purchase of U.S. oil company Unocal for $18.5 B.
In March 2016, Chesapeake Energy’s founder, Aubrey McClendon, died in a bizarre, fiery, single-vehicle crash one day after he’d denied fixing bid prices for oil and natural gas leases in 2007-11.
McClendon denied the charges, and the crash was ruled an accident.
HRC is the first Secretary of State to approve the sale of U.S. energy assets to the Chinese government.
It’s unclear how much of U.S. energy and mineral assets were sold to foreign companies and governments while HRC was Secretary of State.
But HRC had no qualms about approving the sale of a U.S. uranium mine to Russia, giving Russia 20% control of U.S. uranium.
However. her feelings about Russia seemed to have changed during her presidential run.
Since its first U.S. buy in 2010, China bought millions of acres of U.S. energy assets as well as every kind of company and business imaginable.
However, lawmakers started blocking some of the sales after China’s Angbang bought the Waldorf Astria in NYC in 2015 and then made a bid on the Starwood Hotels in 2016.
Jokes were made that the Chinese would be able to bug and bribe every politican in the world.
Angbang withdrew its bid.


Hillary Clinton’s legacy of corruption and failures goes far beyond what is listed above.

Yet most Democrats and Republicans refuse to hold her accountable.

And our press acts like Hillary’s PR team and focuses on bashing Governor Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein with gotcha questions, because they’ve been “stealing” votes from Hillary.

Our press has helped Hillary’s campaign give Trump every wart that the Clintons have.  If Americans would do their own research, they’d learn that most of what’s been said about Trump has either been exaggerated or is patently false.

We will never have a third-party President and break up the Blame Game corruption if we elect Hillary.




Democrats and biased press pull a Reagan on Trump

Hyperbole and hysteria  best describe how the media felt about President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s:

“Reagan’s an actor!”

“He’s been divorced!!!”

“He’s going to crash the economy!!!”

“He’s got dementia!!!!!”

“Our allies think he’s nuts!!!!!!!

“Reagan’s dangerous!  The old coot’s going to start a nuclear war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Back then, such bias from the pro-Democratic press was countered only the National Review–sans FoxNews, talk radio, online media.

The U.S. press didn’t respect Reagan.

But the world did.

The U.S. press worried about Reagan’s “unpredictability” and what he might do next.

But our allies and our enemies knew:   Reagan would always put America first. Period.

Ever since Bill Clinton stepped into the Oval Office in 1993 and the Clintons began selling out America and stealing our antiques and silverware, “put America first” has been twisted into the ugly “the xenophobia of bigots.”

I’m old enough to remember when “putting your country’s interests first” was called “patriotism.”

No one but Trump has been brave enough to risk being labeled a racist and bigot and xenophobe by promising that he will always put America first.

That is The Trump Doctrine: Every decision he makes as President will put America first.

America can no longer afford to have politicians who put America last, because we are running an $800 billion deficit again, have $20 trillion debt and $150-200 trillion in unfunded entitlement obligations (thanks to Bill Clinton’s taking unfunded entitlements off-budget in order to lie and say he had a surplus).

America most certainly cannot afford four or eight years of the unholy alliance of the Clintons, their Wall Street and foreign government donors, the Clinton Foundation, Teneo Holdings et al.

When in history has it been more important to have a U.S. President who will let the whole world know, America is the number one priority?

And who better than Trump will always hit back harder than we got hit?


No one I’ve ever voted for President has ever won until Trump. So cool. Praise FATHER GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a deplorable, according to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. . .

. . . because I voted for the underdog who happened to also be the best candidate on the ballet:  Donald Trump, who’s taken more punches than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history.

HRC’s “deplorables” are America.

We are you.

I am a college graduate who was raised in a military home in which we had friends and neighbors who were of every ethnicity, religion, nationality under the sun.

And yet in HRC’s world, my family is a bunch of deplorables.

My family has served our country in every war since arriving in America in the winter of 1699-1700.

But in HRC’s world, even Gold Star families are deplorables if they voted for Trump.

Military families have been integrated in America since 1949, and I believe that we’ve been good influences in America’s communities in showing neighbors and co-workers from very different backgrounds how we can appreciate our differences and respect and love one another as individuals and as fellow Americans.

My friend-hearts are Mexican-American, Chinese-American and Caucasian females.  I’ve risked jobs I needed in order to stand up for others who weren’t being treated fairly.  I’ve organized protests as a workers rights volunteer, and I’ve protested against bigotry and oppression.

And yet in HRC’s world, I am a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe.

I am a Christian.

Yet in HRC’s world, I am a deplorable.

I am a deplorable, because I refuse to be intimidated into silence.

I refuse to buy into the Democrats’ lists and labels which are more despicable than McCarthyism.

At least McCarthy’s blacklist still allowed entertainers and writers to get a job at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s.

The Democratic Party’s blacklists are meant to not only marginalize and silence opposition but also to prevent deplorables from getting a job or university admission.

The Democrats’ blacklists are meant to isolate, disempower and, if necessary, starve HRC’s deplorables into submission or death.

One shouldn’t be shocked that death is the ultimate goal of the Democratic Party, which uses Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ tactic, which was appropriated by their beloved Saul Alinsky:  Control the masses by repeating the same big lies until the people believe the lies as their own Truth.

Here are some of the Democratic Party’s big lies:

Big lie: If you are a patriot, you are a racist, xenophobic nativist.  Reality: The racists are those whose votes and agendas are based on identity rather than on what will make America stronger. And the nativists are those whose loyalty is to their original home country rather than to their new home country, America.

Big lie: For the past forty years, politicians who love immigrants support destabilizing, massive immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Reality: Politicians exploit immigrants in order to get cheap labor for their big-donor corporations or to expand their voter base (i.e., turn red states blue).

Big lie:  All immigration is good.  Reality:  Right now, 1,000 illegal immigrants cross into America from our southern border every day, and at least 500,000 foreigners overstay their visas every year.  On 9/11, it took only 19 illegal immigrants to murder 2,996 people and forever change our nation, bring our airline industry to its knees, get us into two debt-crippling wars that have cost us more than 5,000 more lives.  Massive immigration, particularly of poor people who need more social services, destabilizes a country.  The risk is even higher if the newer immigrants maintain their loyalty to their former home country and fail to integrate with their new home country’s existing population.

Big lie:  America is anti-immigrant, because most of its citizens want our immigration laws to be enforced and for our borders and visa programs to be more secure.  Reality:  All governments that care about their citizens’ safety, healthcare, education and job opportunities enforce immigration laws–including Mexico and China.

Big lie:  It’s racist to want only the most-talented immigrants.  Reality:  In this global economy, America needs the best talent in order to be competitive.

Big lie: All immigration and immigrants help make America be a better, stronger, richer, more-united nation. Reality:  America’s poor and working class are not better off today as the result of unsustainable, massive immigration.  Out of the top 34 nations, America is 25-30th in reading, math and science; America is deeply divided and bankrupt.

Our “globalization or bust” mentality has led to foreign students being given university admission before Americans, even our minorities.  And it’s also led to the sell off of our critical non-renewables to even foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds against whom U.S. companies cannot possibly compete.

Big lie: Separatism is good, and integration is bad for immigrants and Americans. Reality:  America is deeply indebted, and our government is corrupt.  If Americans don’t unite to put our country before our own needs and agendas, then we will not have a country much less a job, home, family, future.

Big lie: If you are white, you are a racist and unsustainable. If you are over 50 years old and white, you are irrelevant. Reality:  All of those big lies are deplorable and racist–as was comedian Dave Chappelle’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, November 12, 2016.  Ditto for Chappelle’s and Chris Rock’s roles in the first skit that night. Chappelle, Rock and SNL writers apparently haven’t gotten the message that “blacks can’t be racists” is racist, wrong, silly, passé.

Big lie:  The world would be better off without America.  Reality:  The world would be run by Nazis if America hadn’t given away its oil for free to our allies fighting the Nazis. Americans pay many times the cost of medicine and medical instruments in order to reduce the costs for the rest of the world, even richer countries.  Americans have always donated labor, food, water, medicine, money et al. to help those who’ve been harmed by war, terrorism, natural disasters.

Big lie: People of color are oppressed by whites.  Reality:  All of America’s poor and working class are marginalized and exploited by the world’s rich, including our politicians.

Big lie: Whites living today should be blamed and punished for America’s history of slavery and white-based hate groups.  Reality:  Democrats use hate in order to gain power and wealth for themselves and win elections by dividing and controlling their voter bases.  La Raza and New Black Panthers et al.are as racist and hateful as white supremacist groups. A racist group is a racist groups is a racist group.

Big lie: America should be torn down and rebuilt, because of its history of slavery.  Reality: Revolution benefits the power-grabbers–not the people, who will lose everything.

If that last big lie were true, then every country in the world needs to be torn down and put back together.

Ask yourself, why are some leaders teaching only America’s vile history of slavery while excluding all of the good that America has done for the world?

Why do those leaders teach people of color that every wrong they feel is because they’re oppressed–rather than the truth:

We live in a nation that’s been bankrupted by our politicians who’ve promised $150-200 trillion in unfunded entitlements while they acted like Bernie Madoff, spending the money rather than investing it in our future.

Politicians want us to be at one another’s throats, so that they can blame chaos and societal collapse–rather than our blaming politicians–when our country collapses economically and the entitlements are slashed by 90%.

Every lie is meant to oppress and control and divide and exploit Americans and legal immigrants in order for Democrats to gain votes or for politicians to help their big donors exploit cheap labor.

Those big lies were told by Democrats since they first objected to the end of slavery, but the success of those big lies are all Americans’ fault.

We feared we’d be labeled deplorables, so we remained silent while the Left bankrupted and marginalized America and Americans in order intimidate Americans into voting for Democrats.

We allowed the Left to spoon feed that anti-America crap to our children so that the Left can gain money, power, control.

Since its inception and through its creation of the KKK and Jim Crow laws, the Democratic Party has pitted Americans against one another.

The Democratic Party has used its most powerful weapon–hate–against Americans and America.

It is not true.

We believe and have always believed: We all count, or no one counts.

We were poor people who worked side by side with all Americans in our economic class.

Please do not let the multinational government-corporation-media complex pit Americans against each other anymore.



Yes, President Trump’s ICE will enforce our immigration laws and deport the two million illegal-immigrant felons. 


I believe, Americans would be furious if they knew that the Obama government released thousands of illegal-immigrant felons into our communities because they were so bad their own governments refused to take them back.

Those felons are the “rapists and murderers” that Trump talked about early in the election and that our “esteemed” press misled voters about in order to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Those felons robbed thousands, raped more than 700 and murdered more than 200 people who had families and friends who cared about them and want justice but haven’t gotten any.

I pray, President Trump and our Congress figure out a humane immigration plan that benefits Americans and legal immigrants while paving a way for post-Great Recession illegal immigrants to safely return to their home countries.

The illegal immigrants who stuck with America through thick and thin when our economy was on the ropes have shown their loyalty to America and should be given legal status and a path towards earned citizenship.

But anyone who’s entered the U.S.A. illegally after 2008 should be sent packing.

Americans who’re illegal immigrants in Mexico have all of their assets seized, have the families exhorted for more money and receive up to two years in prison.

Every other country on the planet is allowed to enforce its immigration laws.  It’s absurd that we’ve allowed our schools and  universities to become infected with anti-America educators who’ve convinced our young and ignorant that national suicide will be good for them.

I ask you, if the anti-Americans bring America down, where will it be safe for Christians or for any American of any ethnicity?

Simply being American makes you a target for terrorists.

Being Christian has become deadly in many parts of the world.

That’s not my being xenophobic.

That’s reality based on newspaper accounts as well as reports by various world health organizations.

Do the anti-America protesters even know that blacks and Christians are still enslaved in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere?

If we’re to save our country, we need to admit that America is bankrupt.

If your life isn’t great, you can’t get a good job, and you can’t afford college, then welcome to the world that the vast majority of poor whites have lived since America’s inception.

If you think others are getting preferential treatment as has increasingly happened with foreigners being given good jobs and precious college admissions over Americans, even American minorities, then welcome to the world that middle-class whites have lived for at least 40 years.

You can thank Democrats for flooding government money into our healthcare and education systems, making them unaffordable for everyone except America’s and the world’s richest families..

But maybe that was the Democrats’ plan all along.

By keeping us poor and needy, they’ve been able to control us with fear.

We saw HRC and her surrogates use more fear than I’ve ever seen in any presidential election.

They scared us with everything from Nazi gas chambers to nuclear annihilation.

I’ve never heard so much lying.  And I was appalled by the press which affirmed rather than debunked HRC’s fear mongering.

In this election, HRC, her surrogates and our press were the deplorables.

Sadly, we’ve a bunch of brainwashed children and anti-America haters who want to take our system down–rather than help ensure that every American and legal immigrant has great healthcare and education and opportunities for success.

I believe President-elect Trump wants that for all Americans and for legal immigrants.

I believe, President Trump will never do is put your family’s safety and  rights after the world’s.

Trump will protect us all and create a path towards healing our nation.

Trump is not an ideologue.

He is a good man who now has the world on his shoulders.

Trump’s doctrine is, he will always put America first.

I beg everyone who loves America:

Please pray for President Trump, VP Pence, our children’s future and our beloved America.

Re: Police brutality.

It has to do with bad cops and economic status. Period.

When my son was a senior in high school, a bad cop forced a student to walk home two miles in the dark along a dangerous road–even after my son asked to give the kid a ride home.

My son got witnesses to file complaints against that cop, who then harassed my son for months–including making multiple felony stops with him and/or him and his friends lying on the ground spread eagle at gun point.

I was terrified as a parent.

But because we were white, the police and the media didn’t care about what was happening to my son, much less his friends.

A bad cop doesn’t care about race.

A bad cop cares about power and control.

We can save lives if we teach all of our children to follow the commands of police officers.

Tell you children to do whatever is necessary to get home safely.

Afterwards, file a complaint against the police officer if he or she hasn’t been professional.

It may multiple complaints or even take years, but a bad cop will get fired.

I’ve tried to tell Colin Kaepernick this.

Kaepernick and his big megaphone could save lives if he’d help teach our children to follow police commands and, if appropriate, complain later.

Apparently Kaepernick still wants to take a knee–rather than save lives and honor the sacrifices made by those who’ve died for our country.

P.S. Who besides me was censored the night before and the morning of Election Day?

My keyboard wouldn’t work on Twitter nor when I tried to post comments on articles elsewhere; e.g. MSN. (I did a cut and paste job to post on Twitter. Elsewhere, nothing worked.)

We cannot heal as a nation if our government does not allow us to “talk” to one another.

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